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SSL Certificate

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Your guy's SSL certificate and this forum hosting needs to be adjusted.


  1. When I come through via HTTP,  it is not doing HTTPS redirection.
  2. Your certificate also has issues, mostly with HSTS. This has become more strict in FF/Chrome and causes issues coming to this site over HTTPS now within those browsers.


This may not make sense to most reading, but forward this info on to your IT people. Cloudfront themselves may be able to help you since it seems you're using AWS.


What all of this means is, if someone is on a network that is being watched, them typing in their password or going to the page to change their password is completely unencrypted and readable by someone who could be maliciously watching.


It seems the cert from DigiCert on adamspolishes.com is just fine. So for those reading, there is no issue with your information on the shop (adamspolishes.com), only with the forums.

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