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Wheel Cleaner to the Rescue

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After a day at Track School at the Mosport DDT, my Brembo's sure made a mess of my wheels, queue Adam's Wheel Cleaner... If I keep doing this, maybe a ceramic coating might make life easier..... Next step.. full detail to get any other track grime off the car.











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You could always add some H2OGG to the wheels for easy protection.  Just be sure to keep those towels separate from paint towels.

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Was getting annoyed at how the previous owner didn't look after the wheels on the car, so took them off, hand polished them with some CP then sealed them up with a 3rd party 9H ceramic... Looks a bit better.. let's see how the ceramic holds up. 

After hand polishing.. really need to get a nano polisher..arms killing me..lol



After coating...



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