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Vette got WAXED today

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Nice cool day today, so I pulled the Vette in the garage and gave her a good wash and clay treatment.  Followed up with Revive on all the paint and topped it off with the new Ceramic Wax.  This stuff is harder to use than Patriot or Americana, you can only do small sections at a time so it's a little bit more time consuming, and you don't want it to dry before taking it off. But man, am I pleased with the results.   I can live with this!   Another fantastic Adam's product. 







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1 hour ago, falcaineer said:

Looks awesome, Rich! Bet you're excited to put all the crappy weather behind you and get that Vette nice and shiny!


Yeah, well, they're calling for rain 8 out of the next ten days here. ?

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9 hours ago, davered00ss said:

Took mine out for a ride after a full detail, and got dirty.  I had to wipe it down with detail spray when I got home.  I love the Adams Buttery Wax.


Not a thing wrong with the Buttery Wax.  :2thumbs:

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