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Do you have a printable check off list of Adam's products for ease of ordering supplies when running low. 


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On 6/7/2018 at 9:19 PM, Sgt Rock said:

Do you have a printable check off list of Adam's products for ease of ordering supplies when running low. 



This is by no means an official list, but this is something i've been working to develop over the past couple of weeks after having purchased 16oz of quite a few of their products. I've gotten a decent gauge of what i really like and what I use more and less frequently. It goes without saying that if you detail regularly and you love Adam's products you'll save tons of money if you buy by the gallon - their gallons are usually around 33% of the cost when you're looking at price per ounce.


That said, let's dive in - here's my product list.


Adam's Detail Spray Gallon - 44.99

    Great for finishing off your detailing session or lubricating a clay session. This is one of the products you'll probably go through fairly quickly since it's used regularly and after no particularly special scenario. I could see myself going through a gallon in 6 months fairly easily. You can also kick off this collection with Adam's Detail Spray Collection for two of the ultra-plush towels, 16oz of Detail Spray and a gallon of Detail spray for $69.99 - it's a good way to save a few bucks while accumulating some of their high quality towels and a spray bottle for the product as well.


Adam's H2O Guard and Gloss Gallon - 79.99

    You could substitute this with the H2O Guard and Gloss Kit a couple of times to build a collection of the towels they suggest for application - for only $20 extra you get the gallon, a 16 oz spray bottle, a funnel and 2 of their towels. More than worth it IMO. But it's an extremely effective and easy to use sealant. Great to use after a fresh clay bar to seal the paint, then follow up with some buttery wax for excellent protection and a nice shine on the ride! 


Adam's Wheel Cleaner Gallon - 59.99

    If your ride has more delicate wheels you might consider their newer Eco Wheel Cleaner. My '13 Honda Accord has alloy wheels that don't fuss with their regular wheel cleaner and personally i enjoy watching the chemicals work out the dirt in that funky purple color. When i first tried out their product i think I went a little crazy because my wheels look like someone dropped them down a chimney, but i think at 2 cars a week a 16oz bottle would last me 3-4 weeks.A gallon would probably last a little over half a year if that estimate is remotely accurate.


Adam's Tire & Rubber Cleaner Gallon - 49.99

    Their Tire & Rubber Cleaner is extremely effective to get the dirt and grime out of your tires' sidewalls. You could probably stretch a gallon to 3/4 or a full year.


Adam's Tire Shine Gallon - 59.99

    I love their tire shine and their tire shine applicators. Great shine, you can use as little or as much as you want to get a rich matte or a glossy shine respectively. That said, i like my tires right in the middle of that spectrum and i think i could make a gallon last a year.


Adam's Microfiber Revitalizer & Brightener Gallon - 39.99

    This is great to bring your microfiber towels back to life and a little goes a long way. A gallon should easily last you a year.


Adam's Eco All Purpose Cleaner Gallon - 34.99

    This is great to clean your applicators. You don't have to clean your applicators after each use since typically you'll use them for one purpose - leather conditioner applicator only gets used for leather conditioning, tire shine applicator only for tire shine, etc., but every once in a while you'll want to spritz them up a bit too. I think a Gallon should definitely last a year.


Adam's Glass Cleaner Gallon - 39.99

    This is a product that you could probably go through pretty quickly, especially if you have kids or wives that like to touch the glass. :) A gallon would probably last half a year depending on how often you use it to clean the glass, but i'd also recommend using Adam's Glass Sealant to seal your windows and make them much easier to clean much less frequently. For $29.99 you can pick up Adam's Perfect Vision Glass Cleaner & Sealant Combo to get towels, glass cleaner, glass sealant and sealant applicators for a very reasonable price, but that won't include the gallon of glass cleaner that you'll probably need sooner than later!


Adam's Interior & Leather Cleaner Gallon - 44.99

    This stuff cleans incredibly effectively. I like to pair it with their cockpit brush, great for cleaning out crevices in the leather seats


Adam's Leather Conditioner 16oz - 29.99

    Expensive, but smells great and is extremely effective. Ideally applied with their applicators. Pick up this and the previously mentioned interior & leather cleaner with their Leather & Interior Care kit


Adam's Interior Detailer Gallon - 39.99

    Great finishing product for your interior trim, protects and keeps it looking factory. Doesn't leave an oily residue like other interior detailing products out there.


Adam's Rinseless Wash Gallon - 49.99

    This product is fantastic when your car is heavily soiled and either you live in a hot state like me where there's water restrictions, or maybe it's too cold to hook up the hose. It's effective and it dilutes very well so you can stretch the product for a good while. I think a gallon could probably last a year fairly easily if you are using the rinseless wash to supplement a regular 2 bucket and soap regimen.


Adam's Waterless Wash Gallon - 39.99

    This is another situation similar to the H2O Guard and Gloss Kit - for an extra $10 you can buy the Adam's New Waterless Carwash Collection a couple of times because and, in addition to the gallon, you get extra 16 oz of product along with 2 of their recommended towels. This product is similar the Rinseless wash i just mentioned but it's for lightly soiled cars as opposed to heavily soiled. You could use this mid-week if you went through a nasty puddle, caught some nasty bird ish right after it hit your car, whatever. A gallon would probably last a year.


Adam's Clay Bar Refill Packet - 19.99

    You probably won't need to clay your car too often if you clay it well and keep it sealed and protected. Maybe two clay bars a year? Someone more experienced will likely correct me :)


Adam's Strip Wash 16oz - 14.99

    Adam's doesn't sell this stuff in gallons i don't think, so you're stuck with just the 16 oz, but it's good for stripping your waxes and sealants to apply fresh waxes and sealants - perhaps do this before you re-clay, then re-seal and wax. Since i have the Adam's Foam Cannon i use the suggested amount of 3-5 oz per wash, so that's about 4 uses per bottle for me. If i seal every 2 months then i'll need 1.5 16oz bottles a year.


Adam's Buttery Wax 16oz - 17.99

    I love Adam's Buttery Wax. It's easy to apply, lasts a good while and layers very well. Unfortunately you can't buy it in larger quantities, though. Truthfully i haven't waxed my car enough with this product to gauge how long a 16oz bottle will last. My optimistic guess is 16oz per quarter, my conservative guess is 16 oz every couple of months. Grab Adam's Buttery Wax Kit for 16oz of the Buttery Wax, an applicator and an ultra-plush towel to wipe off the product after it's settled. 


Car Shampoos' aren't on my list for a couple of reasons. I'm still experimenting with Adam's Car Shampoo and Adam's Ultra Foaming Shampoo to see which provides a reasonable enough foam for the price with my Red Foam Cannon. Thus far i've only used the Ultra Foam Shampoo, but i want to try the regular Car Shampoo to see how it holds up since it is significantly cheaper per oz.


Now, a couple of considerations

  • Some of these products may be diluted effectively to stretch a bit longer. This article is a decent starting point, but you may want to experiment some.
  • I live in Dallas, Texas. Our winters aren't very harsh and probably don't have the same winter prep steps as someone up in the North East, so my list is pretty light on that kind of stuff.
  • You've probably already reached this point in your collection of Adam's apparel, but if you haven't, definitely check out some of the available Adam's kits. It's great for establishing your collection of towels, applicators, buckets, brushes, etc. I kind of equate it to the Apple ecosystem. You have your iPhone, iPad, AirPods, charging cables, etc., but once you have it all, boy oh boy does it integrate beautifully and seamlessly to deliver an unbeatable result


Anyway, this is my first stab and i've probably missed a few things so i'll read back over and update. Also would love to encourage other contributions!

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