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Cleaning Wheels

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Hey all, 


Just wanted to share some before and after of a neighbor's vehicle I did.the wheels were in horrible condition. My method for doing wheels is as follows.


I spray the wheel with a heavy stream of water. I then foam the wheels with IK foam sprayer.(3oz of wheel cleaner and the rest with water). 

I let that sit for a little bit, don't let it dry. While that sits I pull out the tire and rubber cleaner and spray the tire and wheel well if it has a plastic liner. Using a tire brush I'll scrub the tire's sidewall to work in the product. I'll then pull out one of my larger wheel woolies and clean the rest of the tire. 


I'll then use my wheel woolies and wheel wash mitt as well as car shampoo and a couple sprays of wheel cleaner to get in the barrel, spokes, center cap, lug nuts... 


I rinse everything off then apply H2O Guard n Gloss. On my personal vehicle, I skip this step because they are ceramic coated. 


What about you guys? What is your process? 


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For wheels like this I spray Wheel Cleaner on a dry wheel, let it sit for a few minutes (but not let it dry) and use the Wheel Brush, Lug Nut Brush, and Wheel Woolies to clean it.  Rinse with water and wet the tires + wheel wells.  Spray diluted APC (50/50 with distilled water) on the wells, and Tire & Rubber Cleaner on the tires.  Use a Fender Brush on the wheel wells, and the Tire Brush on the tires.  If the wheels need a touch-up I usually use the small Wheel Woolie on those spots.  If I am in a hurry to apply VRT, I will wipe the wheels with a Utility Towel, and the tires with a terry cloth towel.  If I am dressing the wheel wells I spritz Invisible Undercarriage Spray on all the wells, then level them with a terry cloth towel.

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