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Anything Stronger Than T&RC?


5 times.  I scrubbed my K02s 5 times with T&RC and an Adam's Tire Brush and the suds were still coming up brown ?


I probably would have kept going but I ran out.  Later when I was doing my strip wash I hit them with the Tire Brush again and the suds were still brown.

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TRC Is Adam's strongest degreaser available at the moment as far as I know. I PM'd you with different offerings as to not offend anyone on here. 


In my experience the TRC works well but is a bit too pricey for me as I clean a LOT of tires and go through bottles like crazy. I put my product in a 32oz bottle most of the time and gallons of TRC aren't cheap, as well as it should be used full strength where as other products can be diluted.  

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