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New Detailing Light

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So I picked up two of the new detailing lights for my Swirl Killers and used them for the first time today.  Made a huge difference in what I actually saw and what I thought I was seeing. NOW I can see everything. Every swirl, every dirt spot, anything I missed, etc.  Great products. I found for me, they work best up a little higher than they suggest, but that could be because of the size of my hands.   The one on the Mini really helped when I was doing the wheels. I could see into every corner so I didn't miss a spot.  Only bad thing was, I found my Cadillac's first and ONLY ding in the side.  I know where it happened, I just didn't know it happened until today.  Yeah, the car is 6 years old, so only having it's first ding is a pretty good run.  The daily driver looks pretty darn good.

I really recommend these lights. 





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