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This poor little Lotus needed some serious help ! I was at a car show and I met this nice lady that was blown away how beautiful my paint was on my Mustang I brought to the show. She asked me "how did you get your paint so perfect like that"? After a short description on that matter she brought to her car and said she had a detailer buff it out for her but it still has some scratches in it. YIKES I said, a detailer did that to your paint !? She said a friend of hers did it, I said he should no longer be your friend. !! Most of the car has been wrapped with Expel, just to make it that much harder on me. So after many hours on the Lotus, needless to say it is now the beautiful Green color she should have had in the first place. Although she does track the car at events, it will hold up pretty well. 2 step paint correction with Adams polishes, Liquid paint sealant, B Glaze, Americana, Deep Wheel Cleaner, VRT.  




















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Holy crap.  The before pics made me  sick!!  How the hell do u let any car (especially a Lotus) get that bad????   And what detailer did that for her?did they use 60 grit?    

 Great results! 

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That looks amazing. I thought my Kia Forte was bad but wow. Great work. Hopefully I produce your results and not the first guys. I have loved Lotus since Need for Speed Underground haha

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6 hours ago, Rich said:

Great save.  Love the first pic. Looks like two aliens driving the car. 

You would have thought with the condition of the car it did go back and forth to Mars  !! :jawdrop:

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