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BOGO sale plus 15% off Storewide

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keep in mind the "collection" package's are still sometimes more bang for your buck. take for instance the Glass Cleaner collection:


you could buy the BOGO Glass Cleaner for $34 after discounts.


you could buy the glass cleaner collection for $43 and get the same BOGO content plus 2 glass towels and a funnel for an extra 9 bucks. and can't all of us use more glass towels and funnels, at least I can hahaha.


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Don’t think the code is in effect any longer? I tried ordering $1,200 worth of product but it’s not letting me. I apparently missed the sale by a few hours. Credit Card Company said the charge went through but on the Adams site everything is still in my cart and nothing shows up on my recent orders 

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You might be have missed the sale... can’t speak for that part of it. 

But I ordered during this sale (24-36 hrs before the posted end) and my order went through and showed on my payment of choice as such... but I didn’t see it in my recent orders. I ended up calling on Friday to double check because I didn’t want to miss out. Tried a few times and couldn’t get someone on the phone. So I left a message. A few hours later I received an email with my shipping confirmation... but no call back.  

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