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Red - Through the years

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Earlier today I had to pull up a older picture of one of my vehicles and it reminded me of a few more pictures, one thing lead to another and I realized that while some members understand that I have a thing for Red vehicle, they might not fully understand the depth.  In an effort to share the passion, I'm going share some of the Red vehicles over the years.   While only a fraction of these are "Adam's" vehicles, they were always taken of and it is pretty obvious, at least to me, which ones had Adam's and which ones had other stuff on them. 


Please enjoy a few Red vehicle pictures, ignore the big White thing and sorry, but I don't have a picture of the Red riding lawn mower, Sunfire, Van or Cruze.


First up is a view from the middle of driveway.  Left to right. Malibu, Mustang, Monte Carlo SS, WRX, Top of the Pickup (not sure which one), Impala and in the back, the white thing is a 30 foot motorhome.  Excluding the motor home, I'm sure the theme is starting to take effect.   


Second picture:  BMW.  Third - Bike (yes it is dirty, it was before I washed it).  


Fourth is the CX5, followed by the Range Rover - which I absolutely hate how dirty the wheels get on it.


Next up is the Lexus, followed by my favorite vehicle, the Colorado, sitting in front of the 24 year old S-10 the day I brought the new truck home.  


Then we have the Equinox, which had way too many Florida Love Bugs on the front and finally the Club Car.


I am currently in discussions on a 77 Vette, I presume you don't need to ask what color it is.😁


Partial Driveway.JPG




Range Rover.jpeg

1994 Lexus SC400 - Aug 2018.jpeg



Club Car 2.jpeg

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