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Adam's 19th Anniversary Sale! Take 19% Off Storewide.

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It's time to celebrate another successful year - time sure does fly when you're having fun!


It's hard to believe this all started 19 years ago. We’re thankful for the friends we’ve met, the places we’ve seen & the memories we’ve made over the years. While premium car care products are fundamental to our growth, we know the key to our growth is you. Our team is humbled by your support, and thankful for your business. 


We're celebrating by offering 19% off storewide* with the code 19YEARS at checkout. Free shipping to the continental U.S. can be had on orders over $115, and this anniversary sale will be running until Tuesday March 12, 2019 at Midnight MST.


Please note that the Throwback Brilliant Spray Glaze and Throwback Tire Dressing are extremely limited at 400 bottles each, so 1 person customer while supplies last - they will sell out quickly!









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40 minutes ago, Rich said:

All I can say is THANK YOU ADAM for the great products, for ALL your hard work and commitment, and most of all for allowing me to be a tiny dot in the Adam's universe. It has been my honor and my pleasure to know you. 


Congratulations to the adam and the Adams family I’m glad I came across your business I had bought my first corvette and did not know what to get to polish my car and went on the corvette museum to order a few products they were out of a few products so I called your company spoke to Ben and here in am 5-6 years in and really love your products and the customer service is ever so better if that was possible keep it up congratulations again for the next 19 years 

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Tire Dressing sold out as of this morning (I saw 40 left in stock last night) and the Brilliant Spray Glaze currently has 17 left in stock.  Still time to jump on at least one of them for those who haven't pulled the trigger yet! 


My order shipped out yesterday and shows it'll be here the end of next week.  I'm going to give the BG a try on not just my vehicle but the inside front windshield glass per Adam's recommendation and maybe even on my stainless appliances in the kitchen.  I was afraid to use it on my coated vehicle but since Dan says it has no polishing abilities at all, even ultra fine, I'll give it a go this spring before a weekend trip for some extra 'pop'.  

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7 minutes ago, GolfR said:

Brilliant Glaze works great with a spray nozzle. I highly recommend giving it a try on bathroom mirrors. 

I'm definitely going to try that this weekend. Do you spray it, level it off, and let it haze or just spray and buff? 

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14 minutes ago, Bscott94 said:

I'm definitely going to try that this weekend. Do you spray it, level it off, and let it haze or just spray and buff? 

I spray it on, buff it a bit and allow to haze and then do a buff/wipe with a clean microfiber and all done. I think I'm going to try it on the insides of my house windows this weekend - I haven't tried that one yet. 

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Got my bottles this week, along with some of the stickers (not pictured). The BSG smells like bubblegum to me, but also has a faint similarity to old HGG. Can't quite make it out. The Tire Shine smells like banana cream pie.


Don't know if I'm more excited about these...




Or to see these make a triumphant return... :banana:









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I did like the red caps!  My wife and I are thinking the Glaze smells like vanilla pudding.  I agree with you on the tire shine, it also appears to be the current tire shine, just a little thicker and different color to match Adam’s original blend when he mixed  those other products.  The Glaze is definitely a different blend, but i love it.  Hope its still ok for inside windows, because I went to town!  Also got the 2oz pouch of Ultra Foam in my box, little bonus there.

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