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Buy a gallon, get a 16oz...and other new stuff

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2 hours ago, RacerX said:

Hmm...  I started out adding gallons to my cart and then realized I had to go to a different section of the website  to get the gallon+16oz deals.  Since both were in my cart at the same time I noticed a big price discrepancy:



Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at Apr 17, 9.56.30 AM.png


1 hour ago, Bscott94 said:

I noticed that one was well. The gallon alone is cheaper because it is part of the Flash Sale. I'm wondering if they would give the gallon and 16oz for $38.99 if you reached out with the discrepancy? 


1 hour ago, GolfR said:

I think the same currently holds true for the VRT as well. The stand alone gallon under the flash sale has a better price then the BOGO gallon & 16 oz.


It was an error to have the Detail Spray and VRT gallons still part of the old Flash Sale once the BOGO sale started.  The prices on these two products has now been adjusted on the Flash Sale page.

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