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Wheel ceramic durability + wheel cleaner on satin black wheels


Hello everyone,


So I recently acquired some new wheels and figured it'd be the perfect opportunity to get them coated, seeing as fresh out the box is probably the cleanest they will ever be, all that went without a hitch. Impossible to see rainbow on satin wheels but kinda used time and judgement on removal. 



Anyway, onto the questions at hand. 

I'm trying to keep these wheels as black as they can be as long as I can, hence the coating in the first place. The one thing I did notice on previous satin wheels is that overtime, they just end up turning "gray", even after being careful about cleaning and whatnot and I'm starting to believe it's due to the wheel cleaners used. 



1. How "durable" is the ceramic in terms of Adams regular wheel cleaner?

I'm talking about the stronger one because I'm assuming the Eco is a bit weaker due to not having the iron 'activator', which would be a better choice for satin black wheels? 


I never really had a problem with staining and I usually go for the stronger stuff simply because my wheels get dirty quick (thanks to my yellowstuff pads)


2. Would the Eco cleaner or even car shampoo in a sprayer be a better option? 


My only concern with #2 is not being able to get the wheels clean enough. I unfortunately do not have a pressure washer so have to depend on regular hose pressure which sometimes just isn't enough . 


Pic of car attached, because why not. 



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With Wheel Coating, you likely won't need a strong cleaner. The whole point is for the coating to not allow dirt, brake dust, etc. anything to cling to. At least not easily. You could probably get by with just a blast of water, maybe some car shampoo. And occasionally Eco WC, if necessary. Keep up with Boost, as well, to help even more.

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