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Transitioning to Ceramic Paste Wax


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After using Ceramic Paste Wax on the Mustang and then the daughters Fiesta, I decided to transition the truck to CPW.  The truck had not been stripped, clayed and polished in a year, so it was time to spend a weekend showing it some love.  The truck was in great shape so it didn't take much to get everything cleaned up starting with a Strip Wash, after the SW, I hit it with Iron Remover, rinsed it off and then into the garage to be clayed.  I would have clayed outside, but the weather did not permit it.


After it was clayed using the Clay Mitt, I check it for marring and it was minimal.  I decided to go with One Step Polish on the hood and front end and Revive Hand Polish on the rest.  It probably wasn't necessary, but I did go over the hood and front with Revive to ensure it had the same last product touching the paint as the rest of the truck.  Once I completed the truck with Revive, I wiped it down with a clean double-soft, which I repeated this morning before I started applying CPW.


The humidity was very high today, I started with a very thin coat of CPW on the roof.  It got tacky after about 5 minutes and that is when I started to take it off with a single-soft.  The method I use for putting the wax on, is to use a half-turn of the applicator and go over about a 3 square foot section or about half of a hood.   If the applicator starts to stick, then you need more wax.   I do not use any machines when waxing, call me old-school, but that is my preferred method.


The weather has been poor all weekend, so I don't have the best pictures, so I'm sharing the one I was able to take from inside the garage and one I grabbed after the last storm went through.  In about two weeks, I'll give it a two bucket wash and use Ceramic Boost as the drying agent.  Since the truck sits outside, I'll use CB every 4-6 weeks according to how it looks feels.  If the Mustang is any indication, I think it will be around 6 months before it needs another coat of wax.   I think by the time it needs another coat of wax, I'll probably put on a base coat of Ceramic Spray Coating - we'll see how much I have left of the other chemicals before I make the decision.


As for the cost of the CPW, it is expensive from the investment standpoint, yet the amount of product used is so minimal that I expect to get 20 or so vehicles out of a container.  Without a doubt the shine and beading from the wax is exceptional.


Update:  It is still raining, but when I let the daughter dog out, I there was at least some decent light to get a better picture.   The trees from the front fender are approximately one acre away.  The two things that really caught my eye was the back of the mirror and how you can see the trees and skyline.  The second item is how much better the wheels and tires look even though they were done on Saturday and I only put Ceramic Boost on the wheels.




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