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The reason I am a Loyal Adam's Customer

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It's the little things....


A few days ago I saw the $100 gift card promo (comes with a free single plush towel and 16oz of detail spray) and I figured I was going to spend $100 any way and might as well get some free stuff.

While I was at it I decided to order another 64oz of Ceramic Boost, the new small interior brush, and I also wanted to try the Ceramic Waterless since I had read great things about it on the Adam's forum.

I decided to order the 12 oz.

Well to my surprise when my package came today, they sent me 2 - 8oz bottles of the ceramic waterless.

So I got an extra 4 oz!

Maybe they were out of the 12 oz bottle, I have no idea.


I know its not much but its the little things...


In this order it is the mints in my box, a sample of shampoo, an air freshener, and an extra 4 oz of Ceramic Waterless.

In a time where companies customer service seems to struggle, Adams customer service excels.


Just one of the many reasons I have become a loyal Adams customer.

Keep up the great work!!!







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