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Hello!!!New owner Chicago 2017 Chevy SS Heron White 6MT (1 of 22 made)

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Just wanted to check in, say hi and say this is a great forum!!!


Sorry for the long title but I’m darn proud of my new purchase. Very rare car.


1 of 22   2017 model year with exact same configuration (only 3 options ever available; Manual Trans, sunroof and full size spare). This one is manual with no sunroof or full size spare. 


1 of 62   Exact same configuration all model years 2014-2017


1 of 327 Heron White with manual transmission ever produced. 


1 of 2260 Total Heron White (Manual and Automatic)


1 of 12856 Chevy SS’s ever produced (all colors, all model years 2014-2017, all transmissions)


Compare that to the 941,100 Ford F150’s 291,071 Accords sold in 2018 ALONE!!!!


I don’t mean to brag, but I’be wanted this car since 2014 and finally got one. Had to drive to Connecticut from Chicago just to buy it. When I bought it, there were only 12 manual’s in the entire US for sale. 8 of them black. It was the only white one at that time. 


So so needless to say, I’m going to baby this thing!!!!!








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Welcome to the forum Keith!   There are a couple of SS's owners on here,  but I think yours is the only white one.  Very nice! :welcomebanner:

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4 hours ago, RayS said:

Welcome Keith, beautiful car and soon @falcaineer will get on and see this post and with his expertise on White vehicles, I'm sure he'll have a few ideas.


Not quite sure why @Captain Slow is laughing at that 😳...😃...I probably did something to cause it!


Anyway, I'll be brief since I answered on the other thread... Paint Sealant and HGG are a perfect combo for white. I've used both Ceramic Paste Wax and Ceramic Spray Coating, as well, but I think my heart is still with PS and HGG for white. My two shiny pennies. 



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14 minutes ago, falcaineer said:

BTW, I absolutely LOVE Portillo's and Lou Malnati's. :drool: Can you send me an Italian Beef, wet, and deep dish pepperoni? All @8675309'SS (Jen) does is tease with pics of the food.... 😠😆

There’s a guy that knows how to eat his Italian Beef!!!!!  


Big Beef with Cheddar, Dipped.  

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That Brilliant Glaze is fantastic!! I get so many compliments on the finish. Is that a new 2020? Is that special paint? I have never seen a white car with that much depth in the finish!

You can see it there in the side of the car. Anyone can make a black car look good, but make a white car look good is a whole different animal. And I have to admit it is not me, it is all the Adam's products. The polisher and polishes, waxes and that wonderful glaze. The ceramic wheel coating really keeps the wheels looking great. Thanks to Adam's for another award. 


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