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Happy St. Patrick's Day! Enjoy 20% Off Too!

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Happy St. Patrick's Day from everyone at Adam's Polishes! Lets try to take our minds off of the current events worldwide even for just a bit and think about shine therapy! I know I will be in my garage a lot over the next few weeks of social distancing practices - the perfect time to get all of the winter grime off of my car.

In keeping with tradition, we have a limited St. Patrick's Day Detail Spray bottle available now! Click on the picture below to check it out!




It's our new formula of Detail Spray similar to the Midnight Black Bottle release and the Color Shift bottle. As of this posting, we have just under 600 bottles remaining for purchase - they are selling through fairly quickly. The 120 Limited Mystery Buckets are unfortunately already sold out...thank you for your business!  This sale ends tomorrow at Midnight.


Click Here to Shop Now!

As a side note, Adam, myself, and all of our employees at HQ have been using Interior Detailer with Microban regularly throughout the day at work, in vehicles, and at home - at workstations, desks, and so on. The antimicrobial aspect of Microban continues to inhibit bacteria growth up 24 hours after application. Make sure to still follow all other recommended practices of washing hands often and so forth, but I like the extra piece of mind it gives for even more cleaning in my vehicle and other surfaces.

Stay safe! If you find yourself bored during this down-time,  subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out some of our new One Take Tuesday videos. We have some exciting things to share with you all in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned! 

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I know this is a mega long shot, but if anyone is interested in working a trade or selling the bucket just the bucket— (and before I get chided, :oldman: no Rich I’m not asking about buying chemicals—Just the bucket) please PM me.  I have a friend who’s car is themed shamrocks and I would love to get this and surprise him.  Thanks in advance! 💚🤞🏻

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