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Trading/Selling - Chemicals, Towels, Polisher, Misc Others

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Update 10-15-20


all chemicals are NIB never used, the Foam Cannon is used but still works perfectly.


16oz Leather & Interior Dressing

16oz Eucalyptus Mint Interior Detailer

16oz Tire Shine x2

16oz Rinseless Wash

16oz Buttery Wax

Aerosol Glass Cleaner

One Step Polish

Drencher Hose Nozzle

Pad Conditioning Brush

Adam's Foam Cannon

Microfiber Wheel Wash Mitt

Waterless Wash Towel

Interior Microfiber Towel

Grit Guard

Buckets Galore


Trading generously for:


Ceramic Boost

Wash & Coat

Microfiber Revitalizer

Wheel & Tire Cleaner

Bug Remover

Bottle Organizers

Polisher Holder







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Just a reminder.  Chemicals are NOT allowed to be sold, only traded.  But you can sell the polisher, towels, bucket, etc.  Good luck Tyler!  Nice stash.

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7 hours ago, TGHaworth said:

A lot of the stuff is gone, here's what I have left to trade:


Swirl Finder Flashlight

Pad Conditioning Brush

16oz Tire Shine

16oz Buttery Wax

16oz Car Shampoo

16oz Glass Cleaner

64oz Ceramic Waterless Wash

One Step Polish

Patriot Wax

Aerosol Glass Cleaner


What I'm lacking:


Ultra/Jumbo Plush Drying Towels

Paint Sealant

Detail Spray, I'd like some different scents

Wheel Cleaner

Iron Remover

Bug Remover

Foam Sprayer

Bucket Caddies

Organization stuff like shelves/carts





What did you want for the Patriots Wax??

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27 minutes ago, 07stanggt said:

What did you want for the Patriots Wax??

Just about anything, any combination of stuff from my list as long as it’s like 60% of the value of the Patriot

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