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Captain Slow

CS3 as a wheel cleaner? Why not!


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Today I rinseless washed the SS with Adam’s Rinseless Wash. When I was done I was going to do the wheels with the remainder of the rinseless wash solution. I was then going to give them a shpritz of Ceramic Boost but had left it in the basement. I noticed I had the bottle of CS3 with and got the bright idea to use it as a wheel cleaner. Wheels had about a weeks worth of rain, road grime and brake dust on them.

 I hit each wheel with about 4 sprays on the face and about 6 sprays in the barrel leaving it dwell about 15 seconds.  I then went at the lugs first with an old Adam’s boars hair lug nut brush on the face and a competitor’s slinging wheel brush on the barrels and calipers. Tires were just scrubbed with rinseless solution and a tire brush.


I could see it go to work on the grunge, good start!  


Wheels cleaned up very nicely and  while rinsing the beading was off the charts:



The finished product was more than acceptable for what was not a bucket and hose wash of the wheels.  I’ll add this to my winter rinseless wash regimen, but I’ll have to order a gallon before then.  👍🏼


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Nice work Paul! 

A cheaper option maybe cleaning them with the remaining Rinseless wash and hitting them with a few spritzs of CS3 as a LSP?  I use Wash & Wax as my maintenance wheel cleaner to add a quick bit of protection.

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2 hours ago, Dan@Adams said:

new favorite product over Brilliant Glaze

Hi Dan, I agree with you except for the inside of the windshield and mirrors inside the house and for both of those I have found nothing that can beat Brilliant Glaze.

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