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Graphene Coating Streaks / Greasy Appearance


I just applied some graphene ceramic coating on my car and it looks incredible. However, I have a section on the trunk that still looks greasy or you can see the lines I did when applying it. 


How do I get rid of that? I tried applying more and had no luck. 


Any suggestions? 98% of the car looks absolutely incredible, I just must have screwed up applying it to a section on the trunk.

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Any updates on how it turned out @liquidred? Were you able to fix the streaking?

As mentioned, I usually try Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating or Brilliant Glaze first. Apply either one and then wipe away immediately with a plush towel. If the coating has cured enough that those do not remove the streaking, then I will move up to our white Polish with a Blue Hex Grip Applicator and gently polish the area. If that does not remove the streaking, then I will try our blue Compound with a Blue Hex Grip Applicator. If none of those options work, you would need to machine polish the area, then prep and reapply the coating in that spot.

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