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Ok, I'm not FAT fat, but I am a big guy....



I have been big my whole life. Now, my definition of big is solely based on my bigness, if you will. I can remember around 4th or 5th grade (i think) they were weighing all the kids in gym class. The 8th grader (who seemed like a grown-up) told me "you weight a hundred pounds!". It sounded like a big deal, but I had no idea what it really meant. My weight never really bothered me until that puberty, but even then there wasn't anything I could do about it. My family has never been "healthy" eaters. We ate home-cooked meals and we rarely went without a good dessert. It was just the way it was.


I am built just like my dad. He was a firefighter for 25 years and tried to stay "in shape" as best as he could. Once he retired he really started to gain weight. He probably was very close to 300lbs. He found out he has diabetes and has somewhat regained control of his situation. But he is still "big" like me. Right now I am hovering around 315lbs. The most I ever weighed was 389 back in February, 2014. I have been on phentermine to help control my appetite ever since. He said since I have a healthy heart and ok blood pressure, the benefits of the medication will out-weigh the risks of the medicine. I get a check up every month and each time I am 3-5lbs less. I cannot exercise like I need to because of 2 deteriorating discs in my back and 2 bad knees from football. This is why I have become lazy.


I have a problem. My problem is I have too many hobbies. I get into something new and I go all in. I got into RC trucks and airplanes about 9 years ago. I got back into plastic modelling about 3 years ago. The list goes on. My hobbies consume my life. My wife hates the attention that I give my hobbies. I got into PC gaming around the time Minecraft came out (2008-2009) and this really didn't help my health. I would sit at the computer and play for hours. If I wasn't playing a game I was watching others play them on YouTube. Fatter and fatter I got. I love candy, and junk food, and more candy. You see where this is going. The laziness what set in good. I couldn't stand cutting the grass. I let my vehicles go months without washing them (the horror, I know). November of last year something happened that eventually led me to this forum right here.


To be continued...


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