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  3. The Upholstery Cleaner does a great job on seat belts, just be forewarned that if it is an older vehicle, you'll need to d the entire seatbelt. Otherwise, the area you cleaned with stand out from the test of it. I like to use a soft bristle brush and a little cleaner goes a long way. You can also use a microfiber cloth that is barely damp with the cleaner and then follow up with dry microfiber.
  4. Ok, I didn`t know there was Upholstery Cleaner. I did`nt even notice either of those cleaners in the store. Thanks for pointing them out.
  5. Yes me too. I have had several replies from guys in this forum. I’ve found the answer in its removal. First off it’s not lint. It’s fibers from cheap non glass microfiber cloths. Now I only use Korean glass cloth and Adams designated glass microfiber cloth. Both are fabulous. The answer is using the visco clay bar and glass cleaner from Adams to remove those fibers. I clay inside and outside glass. Thank you to all who have posted.
  6. Amazing ...I initially joined Adam's Forum around 15 to 20 years ago.(had different email address which is why membership doesn't reflect this). However, at that time persons were discussing the "lint" effect. The saga continues. P S..... I am still a happy user of Adams products
  7. I’m going to use the graphene coating on my car tomorrow and wanted to make sure I’m doing all the proper steps for the best results possible. I plan on using strip wash, then claying the car while still soaped, is this a acceptable method because I don’t want to introduce more detail spray if I want the car as bare as possible? I’m also not sure if I should use detail spray as a drying aid Due to the fact that I’ll then need to strip that off before adding the coating. I have surface prep but will that completely strip off all the detail spray I used to dry the car wit
  8. Thanks for the info. I read over what you sent over and was pretty familiar with all that info. There wasn’t a ton of info about ceramics in it. I’m at around half or less than half a bottle on PS/BG/BG. No huge loss there. However I have nearly 3/4 of a gallon of DS. Use that stuff for everything. A quick interior “dusting”; a cleaning of the exterior if it’s slightly dirty such as dusty when sitting in garage or driven a day or two in dry non rainy weather; and a drying aid after washing. Drying is my main reason for DS but I also have the guard and gloss too (forgot to mention tha
  9. Last week
  10. I'd recommend All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel or Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, you'll probably get better results than what you have listed there.
  11. I have a what`s supposed to be a spill proof coffee mug, but some how it drips out of the lid occasionally and I got coffee drips on my seat belt. There are no visible stains on the belt because they are a dark brown color. There is just a coffee smell and I wish to clean it out. What product should I use to clean seat belts? Currently, I have Adam`s Interior Detailer spray, Leather and Interior Cleaner, and Leather Conditioner. Can any of these be used on seat belts or is there a better Adam`s product for seat belts?
  12. Not sure what you're referring to. Help me out.
  13. Ceramic coatings, and the newest Graphene Ceramic Coatings, are a different technology and product family than waxes and sealants. They're a step up, even way up, in protection, shine, hydrophobic properties, ease of maintenance, etc. With coatings, prep is everything - you're right that paint correction is the same, and decon is highly recommended, too. You'll want the paint as perfect as you can since you'll be locking it in for a year or much longer. Now to your questions... What would you do after the paint was corrected? Just use the ceramic and be done? (Still res
  14. Hi everyone, just wanted to know how long do I have to wait for a pre order?
  15. With Recochem acquiring Adam's Polishes and our blending company last year, as well as the recently announced POR-15 partnership, this provides exciting new technologies to not only expand the brand, but to develop and offer new technologies and products, and grow the international audience too since Recochem is a worldwide company. I have not discussed this with anyone yet, but I suspect that we may eventually have category tabs on the website for partner products. They're under New Products right now because they're new, and that is typically the most browsed section of the website. Rest
  16. I have been a long time user of Adams products (first ordered back in 2012 with the DS) and wanted to reach out how to make the conversion from the traditional wax/sealants to ceramic. From reading around it appears the paint correction is still the same. I'm still using the old school 3-step system (I still have lots of product and it still works, so why change it). From this point I think it would be a little different. Here is roughly my process all done with Adam's Products: -Wash/Clean -Clay Bar -The 3 step polish method, think it was orange to green to white
  17. I prefer CS3. I find it to last about a month or so and it goes on Oh so nice! It looks thin in the bottle but it feels thick when applied. I think CS3 is the best all around product Adam's makes. It has so many uses and it can replace your Spray wax, Detail spray and Waterless wash.Hell if you want to push it it can replace your toppers. Every time I get away from CS3 and try other stuff as well as the other stuff may work, CS3 I find superior. I have not tried the Graphene Detail spray yet but Plan on trying out all the Graphene products.
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