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  3. I have done multiple vehicles with hand polish and it is still my go to for tail lights and marker lights. When doing motorcycles and golf carts, I only use hand polish.
  4. @bosco1The picture in the garage is great, but the one outside in the light really shows how impressive it its.
  5. Welcome, Dan! First tip I can give is true shine comes from proper paint correction, the rest is enhancement and protection. Take the time to polish and compound, as necessary, and you'll get the best looking paint possible. Here's a video to help, and an article (albeit a little dated, but the principles are the same with the most current Graphene Ceramic Coating).
  6. The Hand Polish used to be the Revive Polish. It works great filling in any imperfections and cleaning the paint. Good stuff. I used it constantly before I finally got up the nerve to try, and then switch to the Swirl Killer polishers.
  7. I just recently got into Adams products snd have been using the buttery wax which I have been extremely happy with and am likely going to try the paint sealant soon. in the past I have always used OTC cleaner waxes which have some cleaning properties but from my understanding of Adams waxes/ sealants is that these are strictly waxes/ sealants and do not have any cleaning properties. Ive read that it’s good to clean the paint occasionally. I do not own a DA Polishes and honestly not entirely comfortable using one my my cars nor do I feel that the paint is swirled enough to where it’s worth risking causing damage. I was curious if the hand polish would be good to use occasionally to clean my paint and remove any extremely minor imperfections. Also for anyone who has used it is it safe to where it will not damage my paint? From looking at the Polishes Adams offers this seems best suited for what I’m looking for but open to thoughts/ suggestions for what have worked for others who don’t have access to a polisher tool.
  8. I am in complete agreement with @mc2hill and if you want a little extra pop for a show you can top the Americana with another layer of Brilliant Glaze. Do the extra layer the night before or morning of the show for the best results.
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  10. Here's a chart of those options showing the benefits of each. You can interchange them however you want based on goals.
  11. I am going to have to give the Graphene detail spray a try as a drying agent. I always fully dried the car first. I have used CS3 as a drying agent, so definitely want to try the Graphene Detail Spray
  12. ok Thank you, Michael, have some Americana. I'll lay a coat on her...
  13. Getting myself set up at home for a weekly handwashes on my fleet of vehicles. Just upgraded to a pressure washer 2.0, and have a standard foam cannon. Up until now, I've just used Car Shampoo. Figured I'd ask before popping on the BOGO gallon/16oz sale. Is there more of a benefit to using Wash & Wax for in between hand waxes over Car Shampoo or Ultra or Mega Foam? Or alternating between 2 or something? Follow Up, how does Wash & Wax perform in a foam cannon? I see it mentioned on the website
  14. Wow, that is a beautiful car! My 'go to' for show cars is Brilliant Glaze, topped with Americana. That combo really makes the paint pop.
  15. Email orders@adamspolishes.com or call 866-965-0400.
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