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  2. Yup, my daughter loved it! And its full of suds and lubrication. Works extremely well. I love it
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  4. Could I also use the wash and wax over the liquid ceramic wax?
  5. As of this post, 30s and partly sunny. But as you know, it's Colorado, so just wait 15 minutes. Hope to see there, Steve!
  6. You can pick blue, pink, or yellow. One color per bottle, but you can have fun mixing it up for a "unicorn" rainbow effect. You don't have to care or even buy it. It's just something that works and is fun. Good stuff though.
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  8. I am going to be using paint sealant on my fifth wheel camper, so I am wondering if Wash and Wax would work with the paint sealant? Since it is such a big area to clean, it would be much easier just to use wash and wax.
  9. CS3 and Graphene Details Spray are perfect companions for the Ceramic Wax.
  10. Just a fun way to add color to the foam
  11. What is it? And why should I care/why is it such a big deal?
  12. Ok. I will probably use the ceramic wax on the nose, since it will probably be better and easier to clean than the sealant. can I top that wax with graphene detail spray or cs3? then I will probably just paint sealant the rest and see how it works
  13. I remain interested, but weather look less than optimal, again. 😕
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