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  2. I came back and re-read what I've written here and I wanted to clarify that I DO have the Graphene Ceramic Coating on my vehicle as well, which negates the need to apply the Graphene Ceramic Coating Spray. To sum up: I applied the Graphene Ceramic Coating. Then maintain when Graphene Car Shampoo and Graphene Detail Spray. That's it. My car looks amazing and contaminants literally fall off the paint. It's amazing!
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  5. I third the Graphene Shampoo. Paired with the Graphene Detail Spray it's the best and simplest care regimen for a coated vehicle I have ever used.
  6. I'll pass it along. No promises, but I know they will at least listen. Thanks for the feedback.
  7. I find the graphene product family goes hand in hand. The Graphene Shampoo FAR outperforms the old Car Shampoo. Then drying with Graphene Detail Spray adds an absolutely crazy amount of slickness. I don't get the same performance from the Car Shampoo + Graphene Detail Spray as I get from the Graphene Car Shampoo + Graphene Detail Spray. I am 100% sold on the graphene product family. Much to the chagrin of the dozens of other, fine Adams products currently lining my shelves. I will probably start using those older products in my F&F detail jobs and give them some product. It needs to get used, and it's not - because I only use the graphene stuff now. It's just THAT good.
  8. The Adam’s chemists hit a home run with the Graphene coatings combined with their Graphene shampoo and Graphene Detail Spray. The Graphene shampoo does an excellent job at knocking all grime off the vehicle, including bugs. Then the Graphene details spray can be used as a drying aide or just to make it spotless after a week in the garage. The two of them have become my favorite products for washing coated vehicles.
  9. I think we are going to have a long extended summer this year so keep saying that it might come true 🙏🙏🙏🙏
  10. Thanks again, Phokus. My first wash will be simple pH neutral shampoo with no ceramic or graphene so that I could apply ceramic boost. However, just wanted to ask why you prefer graphene shampoo / graphene detail spray over silicon shampoo / ceramic topper sprays? Is the graphene spray bit better than ceramic one and suited to Adams UV graphene ceramic coating?
  11. I'm looking forward to it, but sure hope it cools down for that weekend. Even with a tent, that sun beats off the grass and makes it too hot to want to move. Plus once it's over, that's pretty much the end of summer. 😞 Not quite, but the nice days to enjoy our rides up north get less and less. But we'll make the best of it, and reserve our spot again for next year!!
  12. I can vouch that the Adam's Foam Cannon works flawlessly with the Pressure Washer 2.0. That said, if there are adjustable settings on yours, you could try that, maybe the amount of soap and/or use warm water. If you aren't successful, feel free to pick up one from Adam's and enjoy. P.S. We don't necessarily get offended, but beyond light, respectful discussion and comparison, promotion of non-Adam's products is against the User Agreement so we enforce it accordingly.
  13. 30 more days!!! Ladies and gentleman!!!!
  14. Hello everyone, I picked one up a few weeks ago and have been using it. The hose is excellent as it's top notch and the perfect length. I like all the gun tips and the gun itself is very nice. The machine is about as quite as a pressure washer can be, coming from a gas pressure washer, it's really quite. However I have non Adams polishes Foam cannon and it doesn't foam like it did with the gas machine. With the gas pressure washer I would get basically shaving cream. With the Adams I get a more diluted foam and it's not thick at all. I'm wondering if my foam gun is designed more for Gas then Electric? It doesn't have adjustable input tips or anything like that to adjust between gas and electric. My gas was 2700 @ 2.3 which is a bit to much for car washing but it was pretty damn awesome. I only didn't like starting and stopping it between tasks. With the Electric I just turn it on and away I go. It shuts off so damn quick. Anyway back to the foam gun , should I pick up a Adams Foam cannon that's designed for the electric pressure washer? The one I got I got off Amazon a few years ago, I think it was like $40-50 and it's been excellent and it's one that is highly rated. I know some of you get offended when you talk about any other brands except Adams in here so I won't post the brand. BUT I wouldn't mind getting better foam. It's the ONLY thing I don't like about the 2.0 Electric Pressure washer. Other then that I love this thing.
  15. PHOKUS


    Make sure to follow up with leather conditioner once the stain is removed.
  16. You're welcome. I am glad you found the information helpful. Another couple products you might find helpful are Graphene Car Shampoo and Graphene Detail Spray. I use them both and maintenance has never been easier (I've been "hobbyist" detailing for 30 years ... 30 years wow time flies). Ceramic Boost is a great product as well. Welcome to the addiction.
  17. Thanks Phokus! Well explained and your instructions were great. I did watch the above video (Infact several videos from Adams as well as detailers having their own YouTube channels). I think Adam not only market good products, but make sure they are high quality and user friendly. As far as the "thicker layer" issue - the car looks great. I have already spent 9 hours of the car now, and my family is bit concerned I am clingy to my car! So no DA polisher steps for now as you suggested, maybe later? I plan to wash the car after 10 days of application of UV Graphene Ceramic coat, using a pH neutral and no wax car soap. Then I will use the Adams ceramic boost after cleaning the car. This should make my car look more glossy. Adam's is my new favorite brand now..... PS> never seen any of my cars that I owned, looking so amazing. As days pass after initial application, the ceramic coat is settling well and looks better!
  18. Hopefully the Moduator's on here are passing this feedback to the powers to be. I agree, they both need to be brought back!
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