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  2. Your way should work, I have tried it that way and it works, but I prefer to use an air cannon to get rid of most of the moisture and then use my Graphene Detail Spray with a drying towel and a quick final buff with a real soft microfiber towel.
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  4. Hi All, Kinda general question on use of a detail spray like GDS as a drying aid... I have a drying towel that is fantastic. I dry an entire truck with it and it still seems to have room to dry another car...which is great. What I wonder about is whether this towel will just absorb everything including GDS as I drag it across each panel and leaving next to none of it on the surface of the car? Is it better (albeit more work) to first conpletely dry the vehicle then spray on GDS and us MFs to spread and remove? I like the idea of using GDS in the drying process but wondering if I am just wasting it with my drying towel? Any thoughts?
  5. @JakeRogue First off, Welcome to Adam's Forums! I am with @ResJudicata, try the Rinseless Wash next. It is dilutable, and you can make up your own waterless wash, clay lube, or use it in a bucket for the wash. It only take 3.5 gallons of water to do a rinseless wash, and can be done anywhere (I did my friends 1912 race in an airplane hanger, just before it was the center piece at a DuPont Registry event). Fill one bucket with 2.5 gallons of water and add 1 ounce of Rinseless Wash (the wash bucket), and in a 2nd bucket place the Grit Guard and the remaining gallon of water (enough to just cover the Grit Guard) to use as your rinse bucket. Now wash away! Another way to do it is the 'bucket of towels' method. Just use one bucket with 2.5 gallons of water + 1 ounce of Rinseless Wash, and place 6-8 plush MF towels. Squeeze the towels so they are soaked with RW, fold the towel into 4's and wipe the car with a clean towel section. Just be sure to only clean a small sections, then move to a clean section of the towel. For both methods, after cleaning a panel or 2 (e.g. both doors on one side) wipe with a towel dampened in the RW wash bucket (squeeze it out so it is slightly damp) to remove excess solution, spritz with Detail Spray, and wipe dry with you favorite drying towel.
  6. First off Welcome to Adam's Forums! I cannot help with #2, but the answer to #1 is Yes! You do not have to use a machine to apply Paint Sealant, but it can allow you put down a thinner layer than applying by hand. Many years ago this product was called Machine Super Sealant, and if you did not apply it thinly, it was difficult to remove. As for applying waxes by machine, Butter Wax would be just like PS, but you would need a smaller diameter pad (and probably a smaller machine) to fit into the canisters of Americana or Patriot wax.
  7. Start with the rinseless and waterless wash. Then use some detail spray or cs3. I probably wouldn’t use any waxes, but that’s just me. Without a garage or car cover; I don’t think you’re going to get the best use of your time waxing versus washing more often. [example, it takes 1 hr to waterless wash; vs once 2 hrs to waterless plus detail spray plus wax. (You can wash it twice a week and probably be cleaner because it’s outside).]
  8. I am also a big fan of the Adams Rinseless Wash. Adam's Polishes Rinseless Wash | Hoseless & Concentrated Car Washing (adamspolishes.com)
  9. I live in an apartment and don’t have access to a hose or water. Been running my car through touch and touchless washes the last couple of years (terrible I know), and am trying to do some more cleaning myself. I ordered 3 products, the waterless wash, the detail spray, and the spray wax. What are your recommendations on when and what situations to use which product?
  10. So today I applied Adam's advanced Ceramic Coat. Took my time and have to say it was not that difficult to apply. The cooler temps in the mid 60's might have helped as it didn't flash very quickly. I am have removed it a little on the early side rather than late, but it seems to have left a really nice coat and shine. It took me around 4 hours to do the SUV, which includes all of the Glass and Plastic surfaces. I used just over 1/2 a bottle of ceramic coating. Still have to do the rims and the front grill on another day. Will say that everything in Adam's Kit was useful, but if I was to order again I would order a larger bottle of surface prep, I ran out before I got to the roof and the window. I did use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol on the roof and windows. Want to thank al you that helped and encouraged me to try and do this. So far I would say it was a success. I was very careful with wiping and maybe wiped a little more than necessary, but I only had to redo one window, along with one high spot that I found.
  11. I recently purchased a new car and Adams tire and rubber cleaner took off all the paint markings on the tires. I never realized how dirty my tires actually were until I used this product.
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  13. There was a thread about this very topic and multiple suggestions were provided.
  14. I’m impressed butter wax removed most of it. The only 2 ways I know to remove paint is products like goof off, and isopropyl alcohol IPA. you could try some dawn or APC, but I don’t think it’s strong enough. Regular Goof off works well, but they also make a special automotive Goofoff that might work if it’s fresh. I haven’t tried their auto one.
  15. Hi, so today yellow road paint was dumped in front of my truck and now I have yellow paint on my tire and spare tire under the truck (pickup truck). I used Adams buttery wax and removed most of everything from the body and plastic including my trailer hitch. I don’t have a clue how to remove from the plastic on my bumper and tires now. it’s yellow speckles that sprayed up on my bumper and the yellow is deep in my tire treads and on the sidewall. just thought I would ask does Adams have anything to help, I really don’t want to use paint thinner being it’s a 2021. thank you🙂
  16. If the cover is what I’m used to seeing I would take it off the car and just use a damp towel with water or maybe a little bit of APC.
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  18. Wanted to start taking better car of my vehicle and gamble a little so I purchased one mystery bucket, then another, and eventually filled a utility room with Adam’s products. Want to make sure I’m using these the best I can so a couple questions: 1) Is it recommended to use the 15 mm polisher to apply waxes and sealants? 2) If I wanted to use the Adam’s pressure washer to draw water from a tank how would I go about that?
  19. Thanks Rich. good to know. I wash them with non perfumed and dye free liquid detergent. Air dry or line dry. Lint gets stuck on glass both inside and outside of glass. I`ll consider buying some. Thanks. LOL. I will agree with that.
  20. Thanks for the vote of confidence Guz. I will take my time and be sure to level and wipe off really well. Also thanks for the link, as I will go through that again tonight before starting with the Coating.
  21. I have one of the Adam's green MF glass towel, and a few grey ones from another vendor. The work great for me, with just a little cleaning liquid. I have given them to friends to clean mirrors and windows around the house. They work well for eyeglasses/sunglasses and screens too.
  22. If it is large orbit polisher (not a Porter Cable type D/A) they want to run with the pad as level to the surface as possible - no tipping back/front or side/side. It took me some time to learn this technique, but the pad will still stop spinning where it catches a body line. Best solution for that is change to a smaller pad. I did most of a Porsche Cayenne with a 3" pad due to all the rounded body lines.
  23. I have had a luck with foaming carpet cleaners and foaming tire cleaners. No scrubbing needed and the foam brings the dirt to you!
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