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© Robert Olmstead/Adam's Polishes 2016

Prep-Day the day before WeMAR Car Show


9-Hour Show Detail performed inside and out over three days:


Day 1: Engine degreasing with General Purpose Cleaner (low pH helps the degreasing without the toxicity commonly found in other products), applied via Adam's foam gun, followed by fresh water rinse using Adam's Firehose Nozzle, wide fan and jet on deeper areas tough to otherwise reach. Repeated wash cycle with Adams's Car Shampoo to balance pH factor left on then rinsed surfaces. Dry with Adam's Air Blaster Sidekick. Spray hoses and all desired surfaces with In & Out, wiping down with utility towel to knock down gloss as desired. Applied Adam's Detail Spray, wiped to desired shine. I followed up with a repeat cycle of Brilliant Glaze for the extra depth I was looking for. I then repeated the air blast sidekick drying, followed by a final soft detail towel wipe-down at the show. See engine photos to follow...


Day 2: Wheels, wheel wells, Tires. Blow out interior with Adam's Blaster Sidekick. Vacuum all carpets and runners.


Day 3: Complete interior detail, seat cleaning & conditioning


Why 3 days? At 52 and a survivor of a car accident in 1999 that put me out of work for nearly 2 years, my lower back and lower neck sometimes want to spank me. So for competition shows, I like to break up the work load, generally 2-1/2 to 3 hrs each day. The great thing about Adam's formulations is the brilliant detailed shine you can produce entirely by hand, with less effort and elbow grease.


This has always been a goal of Adam's: Best result with minimal effort and cost.


The result is product that does what it says it does, with a categorically Premium grade formulation that Adam's is able to provide at a price that is typical of the often times lower grade (categorically) big box store formulations. Knowing your investment dollars on your or your client's car(s) is being put into the best available technology is an experience Adam's team works diligently at to coordinate and manage for you, consistently, every time.


This is a partnership.


© Robert Olmstead/Adam's Polishes 2016

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Adam's Arizona Car & Bike Show Album 2016

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