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  1. jaredwphoto

    I'm 6 miles from HQ!

    Hi everyone! I got my first NEW car of my life a week ago, and since then I've been to HQ 3 times and spent way too much money!! Living this close is dangerous! I enjoyed dropping by the event yesterday and seeing Adam in action, as well as seeing all the great looking cars from all the attendees. Looking forward to learning more here. I've never been so in love with a car before and Adam's is really helping me show my affection.
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  2. Rich

    Need Advice

    Hey Kurt. I have a black Equinox that I drive around 6000 miles a year. I don't have the time, willpower, or patience for a full Graphene application, so I did all the prep work and used the Graphene Spray Coating and maintain it with the Graphene Detail Spray. I do it once a year, so that's pretty good!! So wash , clay, polish, wipe, and apply. Here's mine.
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  3. My personal vehicles are all Ceramic Coated, with either the Ceramic Coating, or Graphene Ceramic Coating. Once a year, I apply the Ceramic Spray Coating, or Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating on top of the Coating that's already on the paint surface. To prep the paint I do a Strip Wash, followed up with a Fine Grade Clay session. I look over the vehicles paint and correct any defects; scratches, scuffs, marring, etc with a polishing in those areas only. Wipe down with Surface Prep and apply the Spray Coating.
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  4. If I am reading this you applied the graphene ceramic in the spring and want to top it with the graphene spray coating. See the following thread as it has the answers you are looking for.
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  5. I went to Adam's warehouse for the first Detail Clinic of the year. Great turn out. Awesome sales on the full product line. And even got to talk with Adam for a bit. Good day!
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  6. They should take care of you... You may not hear back till early next week, Adam's is closed on Sundays
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  7. bosco1


    From the album: garage

    The garage, 3 car garage setup with 12ft ceilings. I knew I wanted the majority of my lighting on the walls because of the ceiling height and detailing purposes. No LED's for me. I put two 4ft 4 banks in the very center of the garage on the ceiling but the rest 4ft 2 banks on the walls. I also put a 6 light spot light in the center on the ceiling of 16ft door with a dimmer. Interlocking Module Tile flooring, Trane duckless Heat/Cool System, Titan 4 post lift. Electrical outlets every 4ft. 2 industrial ceiling fans.
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