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  1. The Odor Bomb may work well enough for you, it may not. Wet dog smell is frustrating at best. On a molecular level, the only way to eliminate odors is with an ozone generator. This is the tool that hotels and apartments use to eliminate odors. You can get some small inexpensive ones on amazon, but I'm not sure how they work. We have a commercial unit that we use. We typically charge $50-100 to run the ozone depending on other services purchased at the time. You may find a local detailer with one. That will leave the car with an almost stale smell that will take a few days t
  2. Thank you. I have some other photos that came out well too, I just haven't posted them. They're some that a buddy shot. As far as a DD goes, it's not my DD. I will say it's a blast to drive. It makes you want to drive it, and drive it hard. I feel the stock exhaust doesn't allow the car to sound like it should. This week I'm having a custom fabricated third cat delete pipe made. This will save weight and lose the resonator, while making it sound like it should. I can purchase some already made, but couldn't get the tips I wanted and was actually able to have it made cheaper
  3. Thanks! I’d have to dig the articles out again. But if you search my history you’ll find them @BuBruce86. I will day this, growth is harder than you think to obtain. And when it takes hold can be difficult to manage. Bear that in mind as you learn the ropes. The cars are the easy part. The business isn’t easy.
  4. You can polish them out. You can try correcting or finishing polish on a pad and a machine if you want. They do make glass polish and glass polish pads. That will give you the best results since they’re specific products for the job. Another option is #0000 steel wool and see if that lifts anything out of it.
  5. We install windshield coatings and have never had an issue. That being said, it’s not Adam’s we use. Those features should rely on optical clarity so as long as everything is buffed correctly it shouldn’t be a factor. The timing sounds strange though. You could try a glass polish and try to take it off that area and see if it restores functionality.
  6. Regular wheel cleaner is fine on ceramic coated wheels. It won’t hurt...but may or may not be needed. It depends on a few variables which I’ll get into below. Good information here. A ceramic coating SHOULD make cleaning easier. Some coatings are more durable than others and that’s a debate for another forum and another time. The biggest variable in which cleaner you want to use is honestly how bad your brakes bleed brake dust. My Lotus for example has a horrible dust issue. The wheels have been coated for a while (and just recoated in a different coating after pow
  7. Thanks @RayS. I'm looking forward to the time coming that we can put a coating on your vehicle for you. You're welcome to sit in on the process when the time comes if you'd like as well. Ray brought up a good point that I overlooked, and it's a major one for me. I do view customers as different from clients. So there's two different acquisitions that happen. The first is potential customer to customer. Then you have to acquire them again to make them a client. There's a difference between the two, and it's significant even though both provide revenue. A customer
  8. The brand doesn’t matter. 0000 is the grade of the steel wool in terms of abrasiveness. Be generous with the glass cleaner when using it. We use this often. Now they make glass pads and polishes. But you can also try a finishing paint polish to see if it’s helpful. We have the glass pads and polishes and we do use them. But it’s time consuming and slow progress. It is not impossible though.
  9. You ask some good questions. Congratulations on the effort to make a business. I’ll share a few thoughts and maybe it turns into some discussion of further points. I’ve written about a lot of these topics here before if you search my history. That way hopefully it’s not too repetitive. The biggest thing I can say is that detailing for a business will likely take away some of the fun that it can be as a hobby. It introduces stresses that weren’t there before. Now you’re worried about client acquisition, retention, profit margin, product supplies. These are factors on every single job
  10. Thanks guys. This was such a fun project to put together. It went through so many changes in my head about what I wanted it to be. There were stages of doubt in what it would become at times (some pics looked brown). Thanks to good partnerships, we kept to the vision and executed it well I think. The results exceeded my expectations. The next nice day I want to see it driven down the road to see how it looks in motion. I’m also planning a photo/video shoot with a friend of mine (who is way better artistically than myself with a camera) and I’ll put together a nice
  11. @BRZN has you covered pretty well. Most ceramic coatings do become tacky as you apply them. It’s the actual product being left behind after the carrying agent (the one that makes it so it can be applied) begins to evaporate out. Adam’s historically hasn’t been too bad as far as that goes, but there are some brutal ones that come to mind that we’ve worked with (Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper is brutally tacky and difficult to buff off). We always coat the roof like the rest of the vehicle. It doesn’t need any special treatment. Don’t be afraid to overlap. If you’re not su
  12. I finally was able to pick up the car today. Here’s the final list of changes: -Wrap in Oracal Matte Sunset Shift wrap. -Wrap roof, a posts, mirrors, partial hood, spoiler, front splitter and lower rockers in gloss black -Paint calipers in what ended up being a four stage paint to match -Gloss black emblems -Powder coat the wheels black -6mm wheel spacers on the front and 15mm spacers on the back. -Ceramic Coat with a Vinyl/PPF coating everywhere, wheels and calipers in accompanying product. -Drop a mild tune in the car to wake it up a bit. T
  13. You can also minimize the way those products builds up by applying from the ppf to the paint instead of paint to ppf. The sharp edge of the film scrapes the applicator and allows excess product to build up rapidly. If you do get any buildup, see above. It’s good advice.
  14. None. Treat it like paint. Polishing is a little different. Finishing polish. Lower speed. Less heat. Ceramic coatings have some PPF/Vinyl specific coatings, but if you’re not going that far it’s a non factor.
  15. Generally I agree with your sentiment 100%. I’ve openly disagreed on things Adam’s has done in the past on this forum, as well as directly to Adam himself of various representatives of the company. Admittedly, I can be pretty critical. That being said in this case I feel your sentiment is misguided, despite being well intentioned. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” That’s the saying anyway. We are currently experiencing a pandemic on a world scale that is unlike anything we have ever seen. Economies are crippled. Death tolls continue. Infection rates r
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