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  1. Alright guys, I have been using adams for about two years now. In the past few months, I have really let my detailing obsession slide from the level that it used to be. My stuff has sat around in a dirty grange, towels and pads are so dirty I wouldn't wanna use them on my car at all! Basically it's time to revamp my Adams everything. Where would you guys start? I already have a shipment of new towels coming...but where should I start with my Adams?? And what about storage? I guess what I am saying is if you had to start over, how would you do it? I want to be prepared to care for my black rave
  2. I just got my beautiful black 2011 cts-v sedan and I already have the mod bug. Going small at first, did a muffler delete and converted all lights to LED. Is there any other recommended "small" mods that I can do before I start the big stuff?
  3. I have the opportunity to trade in my 2011 mopar edition charger on a 2012 Black Diamond V2 sedan with 29,000 miles. I am going to test drive in the morning...is there anything to look out for? Any tips for buying my first V? First mods? I'd love to hear you guys feedback!
  4. Rub metal polish #1 on with a microfiber applicator and if it turns the app black you can use steel wool
  5. I prefer to do it by side. For example: I start with the hood and front end. I clay and paint correct the area then seal and wax. I then move on to the drivers side and repeat the process until I make it back to the front end.
  6. My Silverado wheels are chrome-clad and I am able to do mine with 0000 steel wool and it looks great with no scratches...but take it from experience that I have tried this method on a clear coated rim not realizing it wasn't like mine and it scratched the hell out of it and I had to polish with PCP. So make very sure there is no clear coat.
  7. I usually buy a few 12 packs of 0000 steel wool from my local hardware store and will use 2 or 3 per rim so you may want a few but any chrome will be polished to perfection! If I knew how to post pics from mobile version id show you guys some of the chrome I've done!
  8. So I am running low on my leather conditioner and was wondering is it possible to make a sprayable version with what is left at the bottom of the bottle? Sort of like the VRT mile some people use? I realize it wouldn't be as good or give much protection, I'm just looking for something to put on the seats. Saving my TID for other interior surfaces.
  9. If you aren't afraid of putting in a little work, use 0000 steel wool, and then follow with a 2 step metal polish. I use this method on busses I work with that have 22.5" chrome wheels and they look PERFECT when I'm done!
  10. I love the new blue stuff and the smell is great! What I like to do when I'm feeling adventurous is mix 3-4 oz of the red with 3-4 of of the blue...foam is awesome!!
  11. The older clay was very much stickier in my opinion. I would end up with bits of it stuck in the clay bar container, on my fingers, detail apart bottle...EVERYWHERE! This is the reason I was so excited about the arrival of the new blue clay bar! It is perfect! Pulls off contaminants with utmost ease but doesn't stick to your fingers or detailing tools! Way to go Adams on the new clay!
  12. So how long did that whole process take??????????
  13. If the scratches aren't deep enough to be felt with a fingernail I think you can handle it with Adams and a machine...I do it all the time on mine! On the other hand...why not give them the chance to fix what they've messed up? If you can't get them out yourself why risk ruining their offer to fix it. Just my 2 cents!
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