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  1. @chops1sc The foam in nice and thick. I'm just using a electric pressure washer, maybe that's why? Thanks for answering.
  2. I have the Adam's foam cannon and I'm using it with mega foam. I fill the cannon almost full and always seem to run out of water in the cannon before I can finish foaming the car. I do have the nozzle set to the max for the most foam but is that normal? My car isn't big it's a 370Z. Do other people experience the same thing?
  3. Just curious if anyone has tried to make 2" blue compound pads from a 5.5" blue compound pad? I bought the SK micro polisher not knowing they didn't come with any pads. I have lots of larger pads from mystery boxes, flash sales etc...I'm like a kid in the candy store, I got a new toy and I want to try it out now and not wait to purchase the 2" pads. Thanks!! Will
  4. Hi Forum members, So i just ceramic coated my car and it looks great. I understand that after a few washes we can apply ceramic boost to it to "revive" it. I have so many bottles of Detail Spray, Spray Wax, Buttery Wax, Brilliant Glaze, Guard and Gloss, Americana what are people doing with them. Are they still useful? What about the new CS3? Thanks
  5. I was referring to these two bottles in the videos below https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gznOfL5CWLM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hesClpyi9N0
  6. Hi I was ready to purchase Ceramic Spray Coating but I'm not sure what bottle is the latest formula. Is it the white bottle with the new Adams logo on it or clear bottle that shows the pink solution? Thanks in advance!
  7. Just wondering if people use Iron Remover on their exhaust tips? Is that better than APC?
  8. Hey Falcaineer, the color of my car is black.
  9. So my car is a garage queen and never sees rain/snow etc. I'm reading up on how great the Ceramic spray coating is and was wondering if i would see a difference between using CSC and my regular routine of Patriot wax with Glaze? I don't really care about how hydrophobic since it never sees any harsh weather. Thoughts?
  10. Mystery Storage Case which includes an array of random products inside the Storage Case. Has anyone purchased this before? Is this like a mystery bucket but in a case?
  11. Hi So I'm getting the car ready for the summer and I'm curious at what steps people do. I've stripped washed, clayed, washed with shampoo, corrected and finished the car so far. So now should I, Glaze, use Americana wax and then a light mist of ceramic boost? Or should i use Americana wax, Blaze and then ceramic boost? What are people's thoughts??
  12. With summer on it's way, I'd like to see Adam's do a complete video from start to finish of a complete exterior detail. With all these new products I'd love to see them use all the products. From a strip wash, clay, foam wash, correct, seal, polish, wax etc... Some videos I see them clay the car and not wipe off residue detail spray , or when correcting then to finishing are you suppose to wipe off the product? Questions like these I'd like Adams to show a full video. I'm still a newbie and I think I've purchased almost every product but I'm still not 100% of all the steps when doing a full de
  13. Thanks Dan...I can't believe it was just a typo. Anyways tried it and it works....you get the 15% off but no free shipping. Show and Shine was still the better route but thanks for the quick response.
  14. So I tried to take advantage of the Labour17 code using the Canadian Web site as I'm from Ontario and guess what.." No discount no nothing. I get the error code . Coupon code "LABOUR17" is not valid." Has anyone else experienced these issues with the cdn site. i.e. none of the coupon codes work on the cdn site? Good thing Show and Shine has the same deal, less the free shipping as my order was above $150 but better than nothing. Thanks!
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