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  1. I have a few stainless Steel and chrome piece on order for the engine bay and was wondering if I can apply the ceramic spray on them and if so, should I wipe them down with the ceramic prep first?
  2. This is what I was getting when I try to access the store site. I did find that this only happens on the two PC that are using this virus software. I can access the site with my laptop my tablet and my cell phone. I have a call into the computer people that monitor and service our PC's. I ran a scan and all URL's were clear and no malware was discovered. II was starting to panic, be cause I will be placing an order after the holidays.
  3. I have tried different ways to try and access the Adams Site but I kept getting an error message. I had no issue access the forum, so I was wondering is the site down or is it some other issue I need to check out? Below is the Error Message
  4. It was the one where Joe was showing the application of the Ceramic coating and how the UV light works. I simply miss understood what he was saying and it was after doing the complete car, application and removal how we can go back with the UV light and see if there are any missed spots, not that he applied the coating to the entire car then checked for missed spots before removing it.
  5. Thanks That is what I thought. I did go back and look at the video and and I think I was taking it when he said he could coat the entire car and then go back with the UV light to see what he may have missed, not meaning to coat the entire car before removing it, but checking after the coating was removed from each panel.
  6. I currently use Adams Ceramic UV Spray coating on both cars. While my car spends most of it time covered in the garage, the wife's Equinox sees more use. She had a slight accident a a month ago and I just got it out of the body shop last week. I asked about the time before I could doing any thing as far as paint protection and they recommended 30 days. I may give it 60 to be on the safe side so my question is, I am thinking of apply the longer lasting full on ceramic coating instead of the spray seeing the car sees the real world more. I happen to watch a video where Joe Triegiro said th
  7. I am the same way. I always make sure that the engine bay is clean and I always wipe it down after each wash. In between washings I will use my compressor to blow out and dust that gets in there.
  8. Firs I just want to say I am a long time Adam's user. I remember when his product line was Detail Spray, Swirl & Haze Remover, Buttery Wax Undercarriage Spray and a few different types of Micro Fiber towels. I also was always a polish and wax type of detailer. Old school I guess. Well about a year ago I decide to try the Ceramic Spray coating because I knew I could remove it a lot easier then the full 3-5 year coating. I will admit I was a little skeptical but went for it any way. Now this was Adam's first Ceramic Spray coating that came in the kit of Surface Prep, Ceramic Coating an
  9. I just have to do the final step tomorrow or Friday and that is the boost application. Cloudy to day so pictures did not do it justice but I have a few from inside the garage, by the way excuse the way the garage looks in the middle of a remodel.
  10. That is exactly what I did. After breakfast I went out and got out the trusty Polish and white foam pad and redid the hood and it corrected the issue even though the other area I had completed did not appear to have any hazing, I redid them with the polish and white pad. I actually believe it brought out a better shine then the One Step. Ceramic UV is on and now I will let it cure over night and tomorrow I will apply the boost. Thanks for your reply
  11. I am in the process of getting the paint ready for a coat of Ceramic Spray coating I applied the original CSC about 6 month ago and wanted to reapply it so I want to remove the old coat. I used the One Step Polish and the One Step pad on my Swirl Killer. I have been using Adams products almost from the beginning of his company so this is not a first time use. Yesterday I spent polishing while I have not completed the entire car yet (will today) I noticed that I am seeing a haze or fog look on the hood. I have completed the hood, top of front fenders, roof, rear deck and the left rear fende
  12. I usually keep the car covered even in the garage just as a dust cover actually. No one around here uses their front doors everyone comes and goes through the garage, so the overhead door goes up around 6 am when I take my dog for his morning walk and stay open until the evening. I was going to do the baggy test before I got started, but I did a good clay with my Adams Mitt prior to the last and original ceramic spray, so hopefully with teh little driving and being cover most of the time it will not need it. I will post some pictures when done. As I said I have nothing to do so I p
  13. Ok, I applied the original Ceramic Spray the one in the original kit that was the first one out even before the UV maybe 6 months ago to my 2007 Corvette that spend most of it time in the garages. Now it does not get washed that much but I do keep it clean with the waterless and the CS3. Seeing we really have not had many events to go to the car like I said spends a lot of time in the garage. Now to make matters worst, by 22 year old grand some was over for a birthday celebration and a few days letter he felt bad and tested positive for COVID, so with nothing else to do I thought I would re
  14. Has anyone done a test to compare the application and durability of the two products, and isn't Graphene a totally different product the ceramic as it is not truly a ceramic. I am asking because I did see a video done by large automotive detailing company in the Chicago are where they took a hood and sectioned it off into four sections applying four different paint protection products. Two of which were paint sealants, one was Adams Ceramic Spray and the fourth a Graphene spray product ( not Adams). It was a very close final results between the Adams and the Graphene spray, but the Adams s
  15. I coated both my seldom driven 2007 Corvette and the much used wife's 2018 Equinox. I noted a stain on the hood today and it seems it is etched in to the coating. I want to strip the coating off and start from a freshly prepared paint surface. The coating has been on about 3-4 month and I have taken care of it whit the ceramic products for washing and the in between quick waterless washes. So what do I need to do?
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