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  1. We are happy to finally introduce our Ceramic Wheel Coating. It makes cleaning your wheels a breeze. The water and brake dust comes flying right off. Check out the video for an in-depth look at how to apply it and make sure to pay attention to the before and after. Adam's wheels came out amazing. We know everyone will love this product. Adam's Ceramic Wheel Coating Kit Enjoy,
  2. Amazing car Roger. It's awesome that you are so close to us. It would be great to meet up and do a video/photo shoot one of these day. Email me your contact info and we can set up a time that works for both of us to do some cool stuff. joe@adamspolishes.com
  3. Hi there, I thought everyone here on the Forum would like to see the shots I took at Cars and Coffee today. It's a pretty cool meet-up with some cool cars. Enjoy the shots!
  4. Hi Everyone, I wanted to share Adam's and my short experience on Hot Rod Power Tour this year. Adam and I went into the event with only the notion that we should go and experience the tour ourselves. This recommendation came from our good friends and loyal customers, Sydney and Randy Weaver who own Weaver Customs. They do amazing work and I encourage everyone in the world to check out their work. (https://www.instagram.com/weavercustoms/) If you are not familiar with their work, they like to put very powerful diesel engines into customized classic cars plus a lot of other amazing custom
  5. Welcome to the Adam's community Justin!
  6. All of team Adam's is thinking of you. We hope you get better very soon!!!
  7. Everyone! Calvin is the man and that truck wins awards like it's nothing. You'll even be able to see his cameos in the new Volume 10 Video Series. He was out in AZ with us helping out with getting cars ready and finished detailing. He even was able to hand polish on a million dollar Corvette, "The Purple People Eater!" Calvin definitely knows what he's talking about.
  8. Hey James, Joe T. here with Adam's Polishes. I am the creative design employee here at Adam's which means I'm in charge of Videography, Photography, sticker design, stock card design, ect. I thought, maybe, just maybe, I could weigh in on this topic you have posted, which is awesome! First! Thank you for thinking further then your phone for cool photos!!! In these days of escalated technology, everyone is a photographer on their phone, so for someone like yourself looking to get better shots with different technology, that is intended for awesome pictures, more power to you, literal
  9. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to remind everyone to make sure and subscribe to Adam's Polishes Youtube Channel (youtube.com/adamspolishes) and also to make sure and tell your friends, family and anyone you know to head over and subscribe. It ensures that you'll be updated every time we post a video and gives you and everyone better access to our videos on youtube. I will be hosting contests and giveaways on the channel and want everyone to have access to that as well. Thank you for subscribing and I look forward to building our Youtube community. Joe T.
  10. I had no concept of detailing before I was hired at Adam's Polishes 2 years ago. I had been intrigued by the idea of detailing when I first filmed for Adam about 5 years ago but still never had detailed my car. After I was hired and started to get more into creating the videos and having to edit all of Volume 9 Instructional Video Series (the one with the amazing Ferrari's) I started to have the processes of detailing engrained in my head and all I had to do was try it out. One day while taking a break from editing I went down to the detailing bay, washed my car and clayed it. I was astoni
  11. Hi Everyone, As you may know, Adam made a video a long while ago about washing your car during the winter. As you can see, this video had an awesome amount of views and was very informative. Recently Adam and I ventured back to Hogback Car Wash in Golden, CO, where the Coors Brewery is, to re-shoot the Winter Washing video. With the add on of Adam's Polishes H2O Guard and Gloss, the whole process of Winter Washing is easier then ever. I would love feedback on the video and just general thoughts on Winter Washing. Adam is the master and is always thinking simplicity so keep
  12. I love the input! We are currently searching for some high quality pullovers to put the patch on. Also the patch is a woven patch so it is more thin in order to flex with the pullover for better comfort. Stay tuned and I'll post pictures of physical concepts soon. Again thank you for the feedback!
  13. What? We're closed half day Wednesday? This is an outrage! Looking forward to hanging with the whole crew this Wednesday. Photos and maybe a video will be posted later in the week maybe Monday. Depends on how much fun we really have. Happy Holidays everyone!
  14. No I won't be. I'm sure others here at the headquarters will be logging in a posting stuff.
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