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  1. So with all the new polishes how to they compare. Is the blue compound the new orange correction polish. The new system has me confused and I’m not sure what to order. Where does one step fit in to the mix. And is one steps correction action controlled by the type of pad you use. Thanks in advance.
  2. The shipping time is what it is. That isn’t my issue. It’s the time from submit order to time smartpost gets it
  3. Agreed. It used to be a sale on the site was a big deal and I get the increased sales volume causing trouble. But golly a sale every week that jams up the warehouse. Agreed. Spend less time in coffee beans and hangers and more on warehouse efficiency
  4. Before I get bashed with the “give them a break they are a small company blah blah blah”. Why can’t they seem to get it together on shipping when they have a sale. Going on a week before my order even gets shipped. This isn’t the first time for me either. If you can’t handle the volumes from a sale don’t have a sale every week. Close to just canceling this order and spending my cash somewhere else. It’s just terribly frustrating that the only response you get is raised hands and saying we’re backed up. There I think I feel better.
  5. Save your frustration and money. V 2.0 isn't much better. Still streaks.
  6. Well seeing how flat bill hats is all you see the director of marketing in I would say the chances of something us old farts wants is slim to none
  7. This works great for interior panels where it's hard to see the big picture. A little tougher for the outside. Sometimes the heat gun will change the shade of trim and stick out like a sore thumb
  8. They are too busy with coffee beans and phone covers
  9. Seriously phone cases and sweatpants. What's next bottled water and flowerpots.
  10. Not sure if it has been discussed but I think it would be cool to use customers vehicles in promotion or advertising. Maybe some contests that get your car on the website, bottle labels or banner advertising. Just a thought
  11. Cool. Just please not one of those ugly flat brim hats. One trend I don't get. Used to work hard to get the brim bent just right
  12. Come on Adam. You know there's a few hiding out at the shop
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