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  1. I am also a big fan of the Adams Rinseless Wash. Adam's Polishes Rinseless Wash | Hoseless & Concentrated Car Washing (adamspolishes.com)
  2. Hopefully the Moduator's on here are passing this feedback to the powers to be. I agree, they both need to be brought back!
  3. Ordered my 21 Silverado RST this spring and between the weather and vacation had not had time to do a full detail. I started with a strip wash, tire/rubber cleaner on the trim, clay mitt on the paint, finish polish and than Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating on the paint and trim. Truck sits outside 24/7, so will be interested in how long the coating lasts. Was happy on how easy it was to apply and remove. Will follow up with the Graphene soap and detail spray to maintain.
  4. I am going to use the TRC, but did not know if I needed to follow up with the Trim Prep after? This sentence is from the description for Trim Prep. " This product was developed in unison with our Surface Prep to take care of the bulk of the dirt, while the Surface Prep is a final wipe product to remove any left behind surfactants or residues from Trim Cleaner." Main reason I ask is I purchased this truck new this spring and there is a ton of plastic trim on it and want to do it right the first time and not have to correct a problem after the fact.
  5. Can the Adams Surface Prep be used to prep trim when I use Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating, or do I have to use the Trim Prep? Why I ask is I only have the Surface Prep at this time and my local dealer does not carry the Trim Prep.
  6. Check with some of Adams dealers, they may still have some in inventory. I picked up some extra bottles about a year ago when it was going away.
  7. Looks awesome! Did you coat the trim also?
  8. Just Purchased a new Silverado, and planning on coating it with the Spray Graphene. My only concern is some posts that I have read on the plastic trim turning grey after application of ceramic products. I am not new to the detailing game and know I need to prep the trim (Tire and Rubber Cleaner) and then Surface Prep. I have never spent this much on a vehicle and hate to screw up all the black trim that it has on it. Just a little nervous and thinking I should just skip all the trim and just coat the paint? Any thoughts and knowledge would be appreciated.
  9. Snow off and on all week, a balmy -12 and feel like -21 on the way into work this morning. May see double digits next week?
  10. Same here, has probably been two weeks until this morning.
  11. I agree, I stocked up when it was being discontinued. You may be able to find some online at an Adams dealer?
  12. Woke up to 23 degrees this morning and a couple inches of snow on the ground with a high of 33 degrees. Saturday it will be close to 60 degrees. Of course next week when i am taking vacation to deer hunt it is going to be in the 50's all week. 🤕🤕
  13. I always plan to correct/polish the paint when claying.
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