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  1. I clayed the car last night with no luck, so I’ll try APC next and leave polishing as a final resort. It’s only the front fender, bumper, and hood so if I have to polish and re-coat it isn’t the end of the world!
  2. I’v been enjoying my Adam’s (pre-graphene) ceramic coated car for a while now, but it was recently mercilessly attacked by a set of sprinklers. I came out in the morning to find heavy water spots and etching on the ceramic. Not what I want on a black car! While I don’t mind polishing the ceramic off to start clean, I was hoping someone might have a solution to keep the current ceramic on the car. Will a water spot remover harm the ceramic? My other thought was to do a very light polish with Adam's finishing polish and pad to hopefully remove the spots but not the ceramic. I’d love
  3. I promise I do haha! You should see it right now, poor thing is FILTHY after heavy rain and a trip to the dump!
  4. I realized my notifications weren't on so I wasn't seeing replies! I just use the wheel and tire cleaner to pull off the coating when it starts to wear. Just like when you first apply it and remove the tire blooming, it takes some scrubbing to really get the tire clean!
  5. I love em! The previous owner installed them, but now I’m ruined and want them on everything. The hubs are a lot higher quality than the factory unit bearing assembly, and there’s actually a noticeable gain in fuel economy. Only downside is having to get out and walk in the mud when I get caught off guard and need 4wd haha
  6. I've been using the Tire Armor for a few months now and wanted to share my thoughts in video form. I have a truck on 37's that sees lots of dirt action, and I was mowing through VRT like it was water! I can't believe how long this Tire Armor lasts, even when my truck gets driven through rain and off road. Absolutely 10/10 recommend this stuff to anyone looking for a more durable tire coating!
  7. My 1999 Mercedes C280 has seen nothing but h20 since it's my daily. It usually holds up for about a month before beading becomes less apparent. I've been VERY impressed with its ability to last even without proper prep work especially since the car is outside kept at all times. Just for fun I actually just threw some h20 on my friends 944 Porche the a few days ago. The paint had no prior protection, and wasn't clayed first. The car is also kept outdoors 24/7. I washed the car, then sprayed it on before drying like I normally would. Keep in mind this was purely for fun and really p
  8. Totally aware of the alternatives, I was just curious since I already have a bottle of the Adam's trim coating sitting here! Makes sense that it wouldn't want to flex, but I'm kinda curious to give it a try as a test on the inside sidewall.
  9. Has anyone tried putting the new ceramic trim coating on tires? All my trim is coated, but it sure would be nice to have the same durable and gorgeous finish on my tires. Will it work and last?
  10. pardon my asking what might be a dumb question, but does the new ceramic trim coating work on tires? or just hard plastics?
  11. Ive had good luck fixing the black door pillars with the white polish and white foam pads on my Flex. I never thought of trying the glaze on the instrument cluster though, Ill have to give that a shot!
  12. Just saw this and added you guys! I love seeing an inside view of how my favorite companies work.
  13. plasti dip has come so far in such a small amount if time its incredible. DYC has been coming out with some amazing products and I'm seriously exited for the future of the product. Ive used it on pretty much every car I own. I personally use goo gone to remove any left over plasti dip once I peel it off. I just spray it on, let it sit for a few minutes, and then pressure wash the plastic dip off once the goo gone has melted it. It works great for things like wheels there it isn't always feasible to reach into all the little nooks and crannies with your fingers.
  14. I got tired of not being able to put my truck in the garage so I went out and bought a shelter logic carport. That thing is the best $700 I've ever spent. My truck never sees the sun unless in driving it, and it actually stays clean instead of getting covered in dust and dew just sitting in the drive way! if a carport is a viable option for you, Id highly recommend it. I was starting to get clear coat failure on my roof (screw you previous owner), so I figured a $700 car port was much much cheaper than repainting my whole truck if it kept getting worse.
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