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  1. Ceramic Spray Coating is quick and easy, however, the longevity is minimal compared to that of the Ceramic Glass Coating. CSC will yield maybe 1-2 months of guaranteed protection, Ceramic Glass Coating as a system is 1 year minimum.
  2. All great questions, folks! Thank for the feedback both good and bad-- We've been working on this coating since before April and wanted to craft a user-friendly, effective, and high performance coating system. Many of you have utilized our Glass Sealant and Glass Boost, or our new Ceramic Spray Coating on your glass surfaces... All good things! However, with the debut of a competitor that shall remained unnamed, we wanted to offer a similar/better chemistry system to our customers and others wanting like-results. Adam's Ceramic Glass Coating System should be referred to as a system as it's a two-part coating process. Part A is a thick ceramic layer that is applied to a clean, clayed window to fill in peaks and valleys of glass to create a uniform surface modification. Once Part A is applied, you immediately go over it with Part B, a silane blend of ingredients to provide extreme slip, hydrophobic properties, and a sacrificial layer to the coating itself. The function of the two cannot work without the other, applying only Part A will create fogging and haziness-- Utilizing Part B only will drastically decrease your longevity and durability. If you have any other questions, let us know here!
  3. Hi guys, all good things and great feedback! We hope you're all enjoying the new site and the new features. In terms of moving the button to a more exposed location, I've expressed the concerns to our team and we'll look into seeing what our options are. The forums aren't going anywhere as this is a crucial point of like-minded enthusiasts and data! As for the country of origin to be added, each and every one of the bullets on the main page have the 6th bullet to be the country of origin.
  4. Exciting News! We've been hard at work building a new website, and we're finally ready to show this small group before we roll it out to the public. For the next few hours, we are unlocking the staging site for this community to test. After that, we are resetting the password again to lock down the staging site. At this time, you WILL NOT BE able to login to your account. We will send account invites out by email formally later this week, which will allow you to access previous order history. For the next few hours, we're enabling a coupon code that gives you $25 off any order over $50 on the staging site. In return, give us your feedback, or any errors you see with formatting, text, checkout etc. Discount Code: At checkout, please use the code BETA to activate your discount. Good for $25 off any order over $50 (limit 1 per customer). Staging Site Domain: https://adamspolishes.myshopify.com/ Password To Enter: shiny Thank you for your feedback, and we look forward to providing a better user experience very soon.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to call from Canada and the telephone number says that it is not assigned can someone please help me

    1. Mustangmark


      TheWolf has sent me the telephone number and I have now left a message on the machine thank you 

  6. Thank you for the write-up, Chris! Looks great and laid evenly for application! Preparation is key to this process, just like in a ceramic coating procedure. I have 1 coat of Tire Armor on my Colorado Tires and we've been hammered with rain and sleet the last couple days here in Boulder, I'll be doing a follow-up video to show the sheen of the tire after a quick wash! Here is my original after picture with one coat.
  7. Not a bad start! We did the Red drawstring Adam's bags not too long ago but we're more focused on a hardshell case you can be heavy-handed with rather than a soft sided bag that may damage the polisher. I would consider maybe a sleeve that's more form fitting just for the polisher itself, to then put inside the polisher bag!
  8. Canda DS was limited in a 55 gallon drum and gave us 440 bottles, just to give you an idea-- smaller market base. USA Detail Spray was a 330 gallon tote and yields over 2000 bottles, and we're pretty much sold out. Just to give you an idea!
  9. Thanks, Julian! I am working on more as we speak, but polishing is a bit more complex as every vehicle is different. Jim, thanks for the feedback. This flowchart explains the basic application process-- Scientifically, Ceramic Boost isn't necessary for the actual application of the ceramic coating. I can add in a maintenance/washing process separate to help better explain!
  10. Hi All, After seeing a need for some flowcharts and more "processes" for overall detailing, especially Ceramic Coating and maintenance, I've developed the roadmap to Ceramic Paint Coating! Let me know what you think and how this can help you-- Also, If there are any processes you are confused by, list them here and I'll consider them for future flow charts!
  11. All great feedback! Coatings/Protection for interior components are coming soon. In regards to the mystery boxes, we keep the mystery box a "mystery" because of simply the name! We have done a polisher mystery box and it was well received, we'll do it again soon as it's been a month or so since the last one. The wish list is one thing we're considering implementing again, but there are a few bugs we need to fix first! Thanks.
  12. CPW is a unique, front runner on it's own-- You're combining silicas that are found between Paint Sealants and Coatings, with a synthetic carnauba that is to the longer end of the spectrum for wax. So I would say 3-6 months for it's stand alone longevity-- If you re-up it with Ceramic Boost, you're extending the life time of it!
  13. We are scheduling videos to be done on a weekly basis! Keep your eyes peeled for more!
  14. For One Step Polish, it also has 6.5-7% SiO2 in it-- not much, but enough to help with sealing the paint temporarily! As for LPS, it's going to last significantly longer than a carnauba paste wax like Americana/Patriot. It's polymer based and utilizes a blend of resins and polymers that usually last 4-8 months. Waxes last between 1-3 months depending on how much you build up the film during application!
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