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  1. I know Graphene and ceramic coating should be done indoors and cure for 24 hours indoors. However my truck does not fit in my 1 car garage, which leaves any detailing to be done outdoors. Has anyone applied the Graphene outdoors and it come out looking good? I figured i would have to make sure it doesn't rain or get morning dew on it for the 24 hours. I have thought about buying one of the portable canopies to fit my truck, but to use it rarely is not an expense i'm ready to spend.
  2. I would Ceramic coat but I can’t since I don’t have an indoor space to store my truck for 24 hrs.
  3. I got my master blaster on ********** website. I also used a coupon.
  4. My son is trying to talk me in going to Carlisle this year, so we can drool all over the vettes. We have never been before. Any suggestions to maximize the experience? We would go Saturday. Anywhere to get free tickets or discounted tickets? @ Adams polishes you should make up some mystery boxes and sell them at car shows.
  5. Any suggestions on where to buy a Rupes 15 MK III and pads? I have my own reason for wanting Rupes vs a SK.
  6. Anyone know what the longevity of wash and wax is? I just bought a bottle to try and do not see any info on it. Thanks
  7. Me at my retirement ceremony in 2014. To the all active, veterans, retirees, and the one those that never made it home, Happy Veterans day.
  8. I bought a bottle for myself, not knowing my son bought a bottle for me also. So i'm trading off my bottle of 300 K detail spray. Attached is a picture of the 4 items I'm will to trade my bottle for.. My requested 4 items for my 1 bottle of 300K detail spray.
  9. Take 2 caps and tape the ends together and then drill a decent size hole through the ends. Now you can screw 2 bottles together and get every last drop out.
  10. I got a master blaster from another website and used a 20% off coupon. It was on sale and the coupon, no one was even close on price.
  11. I just throw the red tool away, the other day, after I throw the visco clay away because I used it up.
  12. I have an old detail spray bottle, that has the chrome Adam’s name. Are there any other bottles you are looking for?
  13. I have this deionize water setup and it works great. I use to live in an area where the hard water ppm was around 400ppm. I have since moved and had the hard water ppm has dropped by 2/3rds. I know this set up cost a little more but it’s worth it to me. I got it off this website for less than what it is now. https://www.rvupgradestore.com/OTG-Duel-Bed-Standard-Water-Deionizer-p/otg2-ddi.htm
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