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  1. Colored towels I wash before first use...white towels rarely.
  2. I dedicated some microfiber applicators and plush towels to G&G. They get presoaked immediately after use and washed separate from other towels.
  3. I think the longer cord is/was an option by a competitor.
  4. I clean my foam pads with a towel and the polisher running. Tough to describe in text, but there are videos posted on the internet that shows the technique.
  5. Sure looks like snags to me...but: I had a new style green glass towel with similar, although fewer, imperfections. It happen during the first washer/dryer routine. None of the other (identical towels) did the same thing. I haven't a clue what caused it, but the green glass towel and the new drying towel are very similar construction. The imperfections doesn't seem to effect the performance of the towel.
  6. That should work well with a foam canon. Make sure the canon is set for a fan pattern and try getting further back from the vehicle. Also try to apply the foam faster.
  7. What is the flow and pressure of your pressure washer?
  8. Completely removing blood from fabric is tough.
  9. It will work WAY better. The new towel is a major improvement.
  10. I really hope PB learns a brutal lesson about customers disliking being strong-armed.
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