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  1. First rain after a finishing polish and graphene coating on the GFs car last week. Got home to see the beads and the black accents looking like a mirror 😍
  2. Last week polished and used the graphene coating for the first time. It was super easy to apply. It rained a little today and I'll say I'm impressed. This stuff is super slick. Wednesday I polished and coated the GF's car. The clear coat on her car is hard and doesn't scratch easy to I just did a quick over with Adams finishing polish and was good to go. Her tires are unusually easy to remove the bloom from so I decided to apply tire armor to them after I cleaned them. Not sure what it is about car being to easy to maintain but I'm glad. The tires on my truck never looked this
  3. @Nickfire20 Thanks! IDK why i didnt think of the interior brush, i have a few. I despise these new grills nissan and toyota/lexus are going too. They look good but damn they suck to clean. I will say this, the turbo stick makes quick work of those wheels and the barrels. I use the wheel brosh for the faces and the turbo stick for the spokes. It saves me about 5 minutes or so per wheel if not more.
  4. Been neglecting the cars since the virus stuff hit and rainy days and other priorities have taken over but I get around to detailing my gf's Murano and my Silverado on Thursday/Friday. If anyone has a shortcut for cleaning that muraono grill please let me know. It's was so tedious. I love the hardness of the clear on the Murano. My Silverado scratches when the wind blows. I still need to clay and do a light buff to the Murano and ceramic coat it since I can fit it in the garage overnight. I only had time to seal the paint but it'll do for now.
  5. I hadnt ordered anything from Adams since July and noticed when I placed my BF order I was hit with TX state tax, TX special tax, and TX city tax. I realize its probably some new law our state has passed hidden in some bill and not the doing of Adams. Can anyone give me some insight? Im kind of assuming its a tax based on "chemical" sales or something. I guess I should clarify. Texas residents didnt previously pay taxes on internet orders from out of state.
  6. Welcome! Im in pflugerville but work in austin and am usually there a lot in my free time.
  7. Plasti-dip sells a dip remover. Its basically a high strength Goo Gone. You can order that (not cheap but works best) or use Goo Gone. The goo gone will take longer and more product to work. You will also need access to a pressure washer. However, if you just have overspray from not masking off the rest of the car, buy some cheap microfiber towel and it will rub off with some elbow grease. Honestly, if you paid for this service and the guy did a poor prep job, make him clean up the car. Guys like him give plasti dip a bad rap. If he's an authorize installer, contact dipyourcar via the
  8. I keep a photographer on standby for such occasions lol.
  9. Applied CTC to my textured plastic bed cover about 2 or so weeks ago. It's been on and off raining since and haven't washed the truck. CTC is doing it thing, definitely worth the extra effort needed to apply it.
  10. From last weekend, accidentally catching a giant catfish.
  11. Digging up an old thread instead of making the same one. My biggest hobby outside of anything car related is bass fishing. Specifically kayak fishing. Humble brag, I have a few sponsors lol. The coolest part beside getting free/cheap stuff is the traveling I do for it. I doubt I would have gone to many places Ive been had it not been for fishing. I also still enjoy video games lol. Just a good way to relax, until some 12 year old kills me on fortnite lol.
  12. So for me the black trim restore consistently left black drip marks all over the bed of my white truck (used it on my bed cover). Even over the summer when it got to 100+ down here, it never seemed to fully "cure" for me. If I went too long without washing my truck I had to use excessive scrubbing to get it off. Ive since been using ceramic trim coating and its working great. It restored the color to my faded bed cover (just like trim restorer did). So for me there's no point in buying the restorer than using CTC to seal it in, unless i wanted to add an extra step and spend more money. O
  13. No HGG is a supplemental protectant. I generally do PS, BW or Americana, and then every few washes apply HGG. It just add longevity to the main sealant/waxes that washing and daily use remove.
  14. Ugh! I would hate dealing with that all winter. I get irritated when the neighbor cuts the grass and the clippings blow on my truck lol.
  15. Thanks, and no I never contacted Adams. I had read somewhere others were having the same issue. I figured its normal since the restorer is black and will slowly wash away like any other water/oil based protectant. Ive used most of the bottle already too, thanks to the bed cover lol. I think the ceramic trim coating is my new go to, ill see how well it holds up against the rain today.
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