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  1. Would like the same as well. I am wondering if CS3 or CWW can be used diluted in a bucket of water as a rinseless wash? I am now using another brand of rinseless wash that has SiO2 in it and is ceramic friendly. Adams rinseless wash has polymers that can effect the coating per another posting here.
  2. Thanks for the info on BG...will try it on my windshield.
  3. See previous post...I picked up a bottle of BG locally and it worked. Curious on your opinion on these questions... Did the Glaze fully remove the Boost? Should I apply a new coat? Will the Glaze effect the hydrophobic properties of the Spray Coating? I did test with water and it's shedding water...just not sure if that's the BG or the Boost still.
  4. Thanks for the tips everyone. Detail Spray helped, but didn't fully get it off. I ran out and picked up a bottle of Brilliant Glaze (nice to have a a local store nearby with inventory - Adam's Underground in Cornelius!). That did the trick...it removed the streaks. Did the Glaze fully remove the Boost? Should I apply a new coat? Will the Glaze effect the hydrophobic properties of the Spray Coating?
  5. Started raining so I can't take any pics right now and it does not show up in the garage. I tried Ceramic Waterless Wash and that didn't seem to do the trick. Don't have Brillant Glaze but can pick a bottle up if needed. Would using Strip Wash take it off?
  6. I applied Ceramic Boost last night in my garage about a week after applying Ceramic Spray Coating and all looked fine when done. I pulled out of the garage this morning and discovered it left numerous streak so I must have used too much product (?). I have (6) large LED overhead lights in my garage but for some reason the streaks do not show up at all in the garage! They are not buffing out this morning of course so I am wondering what is the best option to remove them? Is there an option that will not remove the Spray Coating also or am I stuck starting from scratch?
  7. Thanks...I will do a ceramic waterless wash wipe down after. Maybe they will come out with ceramic rinseless wash next to make this easier.
  8. Just want confirm Rinseless Wash won’t impact the hydrophobic properties of Ceramic Spray Coating? I have seen conflicting answers on this site.
  9. I do a rinseless wash weekly in my garage (heated). If the car has been in the snow or is loaded with road salt, I will rinse it with the hose first and then pull into the garage and do a rinseless wash.
  10. I switched to Tire Shine a year ago and I am not sure why...I just went back to SVRT yesterday and I really prefer the matte look of SVRT.
  11. I ordered the kit last week which came with the 16oz and gallon container...they are both light blue as well (not dark like pictured on the website for new version).
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