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  1. Hey guys Anyone near Del Real Auto Sales Frankfort, IN 46041? PM me if so. Would be grateful if you could lays on a vehicle for me. Thank you in advance... dan
  2. I found putting the soap on the wash mitt your using is best. About half way thru I'll hit the mitt while it's in the bucket and it suds right back up. I believe there is a Adams video showing to put the car shampoo onto the mitt not in the bucket then fill with water.
  3. Thank you Dan T, yes they are polished aluminum. The centers are powdered coated...Should I polish them 1st at all??
  4. New wheels be here in couple weeks. Give me the best procedure for Coating them. I have Graphene Ceramic Coating and CS3 & Ceramic Spray Coating. Haven't used the Graphene yet figured this would be the best approach. Here they are, US Mags. Thanks guys...
  5. Yes sir, thank you Dan, very informative, I did just try the Revive on my 2000 Suburban tailights and it did knock the haze off of them. They look much better.....
  6. Ok help me understand what that means and when you would utilize it? Thank you so much. Would not replace Claying would it???
  7. Well I decided to go with Rich and some others on the Lexus and use the CSC, it was in better shape than I originally thought, I Clayed, Polished (Machined white pad), Surface Prep, Ceramic Spray Coating. Turned out pretty good for a 90k daily driver. They were happy...Here's before and after.pics..Still up in the air on the direction for the F350 but will utilize BRZN (Dave) advice on the how to and what not to do...
  8. Have an unopened Revive but the One Step with the wool pad just seems to make Revive obsolete unless I'm missing something. Seems like I remember someone saying they like using it on the tail-lights. If that's it I'll be using it awhile before I run out.. A friend wants me to do his 99 F350 which the paint is alittle worn/tired. It would have been a good candidate in the past but thinking I'll machine the One-Step instead...
  9. When or what state is a vehicle a good candidate to use Revive Polish or has One Step made it obsolete.
  10. Thank you BRZN, this was very informative. I did not use HGG on top of the Buttery but wasn't sure when I would see these cars again so thought I would give them an added layer of protection that day. I did wait using HGG on my wifes Escalade until the 1st wash after layering mainly because it's White and HGG really makes White pop. I do have the wool/microfiber pad btw, thought that may be a good way to go on the 99 F350 since it needs more attention. May do this instead of the Revive. Would rather use machine anyhow. The F350 is not garage kept so may do the Americana on top of the Pain
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