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  1. Thanks for all the great suggestions people,i will give them a shot and will be good,thank you
  2. I have both graphene spray & graphine ceramic coating but have not had the time to do a nice paint correction and coat it yet on my jeep compass but plan to.I have done my wifes black jeep renegage with the graphene ceramic coating and it looks great but its sitting in garage and has not needed washed yet.
  3. i do have a gallon of the adams graphene detail spray that i will use and also try the sheet rinse,thank you all for the tips
  4. thanks for the tip,i'll do that next time i wash with some detail spray
  5. i washed my vehicle(jeep compass,Black) yesterday which in north carolina was about 62 outside.When i got done and started drying the vehicle alot of the car was dry which i noticed water spotting.I was able to get rid of the spots by pushing harder when drying.In the summer here it gets very hot and my 2 vehicles being black i have no chance of drying because they dry so fast.Is there a trick or am i doing something wrong here that the vehicles dry b4 i can wipe them down and dry them properly? Rinse car pressure washer Foam cannon Wash car Rinse pressure washer
  6. Hey norton,thanks for the info.It worked very well.I cleaned with waterless wash-hand polished-vrt-matte detailer-adams graphing spray coating.Its no perfect but looks way better than it did and I like it.tanks everyone for the help and replies.awesome forum.heres some pics.dont mind the big pine tree in background
  7. That's why I'm hesitant to polish it and it comes out really shiny.Would vrt clean it up without putting a high shine on it?
  8. Can that vynil be polished and protected like the rest of the car?Im just not sure as to go about cleaning up and protecting the vynil?
  9. Now that you say that i think its vinyl.It came factory and was on all jeep compass in dealer lot.
  10. Its hard to see on camera but heres some pics.
  11. I have a 2018 jeep compass (black)and it has a section of the hood that I believe is a matte black.It seems like it is spotted and im not sure how to go about cleaning and protecting that part of the vehicle?
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