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  1. FYI Amazon has some amazing deals right now. 20 percent off some already great deals. Black Friday deals. Check em out everyone!
  2. Well seems like the new would be much much easier to apply. Thanks
  3. I thought the old version could be used as a wet or dry method also???
  4. What I can already tell about the new is very little separation which is nice
  5. I plan on using the old up first unless the new h2o is significantly better
  6. Do you prefer the older version of h2o or the new one? As I have both and have not tried the new one.
  7. Thanks guys I applied it after doing a quick waterless wash. I hope there was a good bond. I just didn't have time to wash strip clay etc. Though I did clay it about two weeks before I sealed it. Hand applied paint sealant and we got some rain today and man did it bead up pretty good. So I'm sure the sealant worked well.
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