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  1. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I personally have a lot to be thankful for this year, but unfortunately it means i'll be spending my 3rd year in a row away from my family for my favorite holiday! But for everyone that's lucky enough to be with loved ones, enjoy the day!
  2. Hey I appreciate the dialogue! Engine builders, engineers, we're all the same. Glad you're in the business too!
  3. Mariner

    Food Thread

    Joe got a little fed up with a lot the blossoming B.S. here, in particular the serious mystery box whiners, just for a start. The direction of the company really irked several of us loyalists, and he's one that just kind of moved on. Maybe he'll wander back eventually, but we'll see.
  4. Wow I’ve been wondering this for a while. Thanks for being honest, Dan. It’s good to know the story behind it all!
  5. We have a sweet spreader tool for the piston rings. They’re about 2 feet in diameter. We change the piston crown based on running hours. Intervals for these pistons are 18000 hours, but usually they can last twice that. The liners (you can see our spare to the far left of me in the first pic) last about 50000 hours. However we take measurements (last pic) to make sure the liner is within its 4mm wear allowance, which this one was. No cross hatching required here. We simply bump up the cylinder oil amounts and Wartsila has a written procedure for piston and ring break in period involving certai
  6. I’ll have to pick up a hat when I get home in a couple months. My kids have paws but that’s good enough for me for now!
  7. Not today specifically, but us in the engine department did a full piston swap on one of the main engine's cylinders this week. Check out the size of this thing! The liner is 622mm in diameter.. yes thats me inside taking measurements lol. Second pic is the 1st and 2nd swinging the exhaust valve and head off to the side. Luckily that was low running hours so we didn't need to do anything with that. Took us 2 days to do this job from beginning to end.
  8. When using the Adams Ceramic Paint Coating kit, one complete coating layer is sufficient.
  9. I use the Wheel Cleaner maybe once a month, but my wheels hardly generate brake dust. The Eco Wheel Cleaner is a good alternative for the inbetween washes. But honestly, with proper maintenance, you can simply use Car Shampoo for every time you don't use the Wheel Cleaner. On the flip side I have an extremely hard time believing the Wheel Cleaner will strip clear coat from your wheels, no matter how many times you use it. Strip protection? Absolutely. But clear coat, I don't think so.
  10. Depends on the coating brand. I have a non Adams coating, and I have 3 separate drying aids I can use. A product similar to Ceramic Boost, a solution of that product and a product similar to Detail Spray, as well as a solution diluted to be used as Waterless or DS. I use them all at separate intervals, but I always use one to refresh the coating.
  11. What about lower rocker strips that come stock on 4Runners? (I think it’s stock??) I can’t get pics either as I’m out to sea. Just curious to see if you guys have kits listed that come stock on some vehicles
  12. Haha the only time I’ve ever heard “BOGO” is at my local bar for buy one get one free beer nights ?
  13. This is an old picture too. I think they used it for their last gallon/16oz sale. I agree with above... this pic is cringeworthy
  14. BG is all I use on my inner windshield. It’s a pretty incredible trick.
  15. Maybe the hipsters bought up all the bottles to get still shots of them next to their full Untamed bottles and the sneakers they never wear?? ??? Adams makes their own chemicals. With popular demand they’d be wise to bring it back so us weekend warriors can pick some up. Pretty sad when the detail spray is so limited that even most forum members get stiffed.
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