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  1. A couple of more questions... Should I do a second coating within 24 hours? How long after should I wait for the boost?
  2. Thanks Chris. I just did the first GCSC application. Very easy to apply and remove. Now to let things cure 😄
  3. QQs - What is the ideal temperature for Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating vs. the Graphene Ceramic Coating? I have just completed a paint correction on a black Benz and debate which of the two to use. GCSC (9H) takes 4 hours to cure vs. GCC (10H) takes 24 hours. The daytime temperatures in ATX will be mid-70s and lows around 38 degrees. This will be done in a closed garage and I do have a propane space heater to use in the evening if needed. Just looking for best practices and guidance before jumping on it today!
  4. RayS is spot on with the prep... I go one step further and buff the glass prior to coating. After completely washing, rinsing and drying the glass a second time, I then proceed with a graphene ceramic coating.
  5. BTW: While watching their video on the application it was stated you can get away with one coating if you do things right the first time 🙂 Also, the video instructions stated a 24 curing time. So not exactly sure which one to follow... my experiences say do it once and let it cure for 24 hrs., then determine if another coating is necessary.
  6. I personally would do two coatings and plan to do this on a black car as well. From what I understand it should cure within 3-4 hours so my plan is to wait at least 4-6 hrs before doing a second round. Unless someone from Adam's guides us differently.
  7. Any clue when this gets listed on the Adam’s site?
  8. Does anyone know how much SiO2 protection (percentage) is in the silica-infused waterless wash?
  9. I've seen a post on FB for 2/4/2020 10AM MST.
  10. I'm curious if this is what you are seeing Cedric with the Ceramic Glass Coating... I've noticed a lot of haze and spots in the glass when in bright sunlight. I tried to capture a picture on the iPhone - but it doesn't do justification for the entire front windshield. I plan to clean the SUV and CSC again to see if this resolves the issue. Response from Adam’s Customer Service... ”There are a few things that could be happening here, That residue you see could be either a high spot or just smudges from removal. The best way I have found to get those off is our brilliant glaze
  11. I soaked my grey suede towels for 24 hrs in APC and washed using the Microfiber Revitalizer & Brightener, dried and stored. So before, I use again the answer to this question would be helpful.
  12. Thanks everyone for your guidance. I've ordered 6 suede microfiber towels to use in the final wiping stage. One last question and a comment... I presume these suede microfiber towels can be washed and reused as well. Also, not sure why the ceramic kit doesn't include these suede microfiber towels nor did the video. Might be good to include for others heading down this road. Cheers, Jeff
  13. Can the single soft polishing towels be reused and washed after using the Ceramic Spray Coating?
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