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  1. The affected area of my shower glass is pretty much toast and has permanent etching similar to what you're seeing. I tried a ton of potential solutions (both on my own and at Adam's request) and nothing helped. Seems like cleaning/rinsing the glass pre or post WSR treatment with anything other than plain old water likely causes a secondary chemical reaction with the WSR and the you get a front-row seat to the etching party.
  2. Yeah, thinking it's definitely etched into the glass. At Adam's suggestion I tried hitting the area with 0000 steel wool and that didn't do anything. Also broke out my DA and tried polishing anarea with different levels of aggression (pads & compound) and that didn't make a dent either. Exhausted everything I can think of at this point so thinking my glass might just be F'd at this point.
  3. I've run into an issue using the new Water Spot Remover on a portion of my shower glass and wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions on how (or if?) this is fixable. Applied WSR to a 2' x 2' portion of pre-cleaned shower glass with a microfiber applicator and let it dwell for about ~20 seconds. Per the instructions, I re-cleaned the treated area with APC and wiped the area down. After a min or two I noticed the area of glass I applied WSR to had now developed a pretty heavy white haze once it had completely dried. Re-applied WSR to the same area and this time "cleaned" it off
  4. Would def love to see some of what you guys got and how much the markdowns were.
  5. Thanks for the response, Rich. Kinda figured IR might be a better choice for decontamination. Will stick with WC for now... has always gotten the job done for me in the past.
  6. For any of you guys who've used both, any recommendation one way or the other on Iron Remover vs OG Wheel Cleaner? Love WC but ran out over the weekend and needing to replenish, so curious if anyone has been blown away by IR?
  7. Picked up the kit and it's worked great for me. Definitely might have to make multiple passes and/or wet sand any super stubborn lights, but kit has worked good for me.
  8. Looks good Choke. Curious, were you able to buy the sandpaper you needed at the hardware store? Picked up the Adam's kit and have been working on my Accord lights (sorry, no pics) and have a few spots that need to be wet sanded. Had some smaller sanding pads from an old Megs kit but don't think they had enough oomph, so probably need to start on mine with the 400 grit like you did.
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