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  1. Added Two used 2017 Subaru’s to the family for my boys. I love bringing them back to better than new after four years! Full Paint Correction and Graphene SC🤩
  2. Just hit it with Graphene Detail Spray... love the gloss
  3. Got my son an Outback to play with... excited to work on this one. Got it home did a strip wash, clay and straight to CSC. Wheels and tires next!
  4. I received Eucalyptus mint and Cucumber Aloe... not a fan of either really, cucumber aloe smells like grandma. The Euc mint isn’t to bad, the original is Ok... I’m hoping the Cedarwood is better.
  5. I see a purpose for it if you live in a snowy rainy area. Tire shine basically comes completely off in the rain. Or if you were only able to do a wash when the weather is above freezing. Then it makes sense to do up your tires and have them looking good for 4-5 weeks. But So cal is too much effort when we can wash and reapply Tire shine each week. I used it when we were getting all the rains a two months ago and it held up, but i was dreading the three scrubs per tire and three re applications to put it back on.
  6. Anyone Dilute Wheel and Tire Cleaner? I flew though my Gallon...
  7. I let the Tire armor run it’s course. I notice the tires starting to get brown under the coating after about 4-5 weeks. Today I used wheel and tire cleaner to take off what’s was left. When I dried the tires you could see the broken remains of the ceramic coat. Pretty cool how it was cracked looking. I would have had to do two or three more cleanings to get it off. So I just went over it with Tire Shine. Question when you see tire blooming can you scrub with Rubber and tire cleaner to get the tires black again, or is the brown under the tire armor? I think it’s under the coating and to get it off you need to strip and reapply...
  8. So I finally did a full wash and used CS3 as a drying aid... I sprayed it all over the car when I was done with the rinse. First of all I probably sprayed to much. Then I couldn’t get around the car fast enough and it streaked and dried on. SUCKED. I had to re rinse, Dry hard to remove streaks, then reapply CS3 dry lightly to get all of the extra residue off. It does not forgive like detail spray as a drying aid. Still love it as a detail spray and WW.
  9. Gallon! always... I spray everything with CS3. Tool box, garage fridge, Grill, washing machine.....
  10. Day 1583...... I CSC’d my drip pan in the new Weber👍🏼
  11. CS3 is my new go to over Detail Spray, Rinseless Wash/WW. Both of which I have used for years and raved about on here... But CS3 is amazing stuff
  12. I was wondering if you can use or should use CS3 as a drying aid after a car wash like DS? Or does the car need to be dry first. I’ve used it as a stand-alone Waterless wash and detail spray, but wonder how it fits in after a full wash?
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