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  1. You can pick blue, pink, or yellow. One color per bottle, but you can have fun mixing it up for a "unicorn" rainbow effect. You don't have to care or even buy it. It's just something that works and is fun. Good stuff though.
  2. You're better off to pick up a Swirl Killer from Adam's.
  3. Personally.........I'd redo the process. Wash, clay, polish, coat. I do it once a year.
  4. Welcome to the forum Rodney! What color is the Charger?
  5. Not my favorite product. I prefer the Leather Conditioner. I tested the Interior Protection Paste by putting it on the interior of my Vette before I stored it last November. When I uncovered the car a couple weeks ago, everything looked more dull and dryer than when I use the Conditioner. So I hit the interior with Conditioner and am happier. I don't know if the IPP has any sun protection factor to it (SPF) but the LC does, and it's 65..........which is more than some sunscreens for our skin!
  6. You don't ever want to reuse your microfiber towels before cleaning them. Use the Microfiber Revitalizer if you have it, use LIQUID laundry soap if you don't (don't ever use powder), and either line dry or put them in the dryer with low or no heat and NO fabric softener in either the washer or dryer. No dryer sheets either. With proper care, they'll last years. I have some that are 10 years old at least!
  7. Like Guz said, it doesn't matter what wax or ceramic or graphene coating, sealant, or detail spray you use, you want to POLISH your paint first and remove all the crap and swirls and scratches to get the paint close to perfect. Wax or ceramics don't correct flaws, and you won't get maximum shine from just applying it either. I've used HGG, I've used CS3, and I've used the Graphene Ceramic Spray. I prefer the last two over the Guard n Gloss. But that's comparing apples to oranges. But for best results, polish first........ceramic coat or ceramic spray coat..........then maintain with the CS
  8. Welcome to the forum. And "what Falcaineer said".
  9. If you don't have the time or don't want to go the full ceramic/graphene route, try the Graphene Ceramic Spray. You still need to do the full prep, but the spray is a lot more forgiving with the application and the results are fantastic. Easy maintenance with Graphene DS or CS3.
  10. Welcome to the forum! I have both white and black vehicles as well, and while black looks great when it's all shined up, it's hard to get that look on white. I use the Graphene Ceramic Spray and Graphene Detail Spray and my white looks better than it ever has. Nice vehicles!!
  11. The key word here may just be a real STAIN. Sometimes stains just don't come out. That may be what you're facing. Maybe just decide you've done all you can do and move on.
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