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  1. Not sure what you're referring to. Help me out.
  2. Flicker is a pain. I find it's easier to just save my pics to my computer and go from there.
  3. It's one of my favorite products. Won't use anything else now. It just makes the paint explode with wetness, deepness, and shine. And it lasts. It's a great drying aid.
  4. We've had glass tops for at least a dozen years or more and never had that happen. Looks like they spilled something and used a Brillo pad or steel wool on it. Or they used those tough plastic scrubbers. Those are the only things that will do that to a glass top. The best thing I (or I should say my wife) has found to use on her cooktop is the Emeril Cleaner, but Adam's doesn't sell that any more. The Home Surface Cleaner works to spray and soak any crusty stuff or boilovers and clean off grease. But the best, and really only, thing that should be used on them is the Ceramic Cook Top Cleaner
  5. This is the way many large companies have evolved. It's part of the process of growth. Doesn't diminish or take away from the great car care products from Adam's that we've enjoyed all these years. It's just an expansion. They're just putting it out there for those who might have need or want it. Won't stop me from buying my car care products from Adam's. They're still the best I've tried in my 74 years.
  6. Welcome to the forum DMoc!
  7. Welcome to the forum Zane. You're off to a good start. You're going to want to start with your tires and wheels, a good scrubbing with the wheel and tire cleaner, followed up with a mega foam wash. Dry with a good drying towel and using DS while you're drying it helps avoid water spots and adds some shine. You can then finish up with the HGG. And then finish off your tires. Tire Armor works the best for me. Inside, I like to do the windows first with the glass cleaner, then I follow up with the ID on my dash and plastics, and any chrome inside. I rarely use the Leather Cleaner because
  8. If you have a polisher, you really want your paint to be as perfect as possible and that's the best way to get it prepped before applying any ceramic or graphene product. If you don't have a polisher, then you'll want to hand polish to remove light swirls and scratches before applying the coatings. Be sure to wipe your ride down with the prep as the last step BEFORE you apply the ceramic or graphene on.
  9. Welcome to the forum Michelle! Keeping a black anything looking good in the winter , snow, and salt is a full time job. Very nice.
  10. I used to use Detail Spray when I dried, switched to H20 Guard n Gloss, then switched to the CS3, and now I use the Grapene Detail Spray as a drying aid. All are good and help to avoid water spotting.
  11. Do you have Leather Conditioner? It has mild cleaners in it and will work on light dirt. You should have some if you're already using the leather cleaner anyhow. You always want to use the conditioner after the cleaner.
  12. Give Ray's method with the hand polish a try in a small area. That should help you tell if they're etched or not and require more work.
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