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  1. Welcome to the forum Tony! What are you shining up?
  2. Sounds like you have no access to a hose and that the half full buckets are as much as you can carry. If that's the case, I would suggest you half fill each bucket, but when you get to your car, dump the rinse water into the wash water bucket to make it full. Then go back to the house to half fill the rinse bucket again, then find another container to carry some more water to your rinse bucket to fill it. I never wash my rides with anything less than a full bucket.
  3. Welcome to the forum. I have a wood privacy fence that I pressure wash fairly often. Like Dan said, don't get real close if you're using a straight spray. Instead, set it so it fans out. You can get a little closer with that kind of spray. But you're not going to get all the paint off with a pressure washer either. Which is why I just have mine stained and water sealed. I spray wash to remove the dirt and mildew, and then reseal the wood.
  4. If it makes you feel any better, I'm 74 and didn't start using a polisher until around 10 years ago. Started with a Porter Cable which killed my shoulder, and then switched to the Swirl Killer polishers and that's all I use now. I do very little hand polishing now...........one black car, one white car, and both get the full treatments. Go for it!
  5. Good stuff. Used it on my Weather Techs and my Chevy rubber floor liners. Works great and doesn't leave them slippery or real shiny.
  6. That's about what my Nox looks like too. Hasn't stopped snowing long enough, or been warm enough to do more than just a quick spray off with the hose to try and knock some salt off. And we're getting another 5" or more come Monday. Last winter..............well, we didn't have one. This year is making up for it.
  7. Congrats Ray! You always have good input and a lot of good advice. Glad to have you as a member.
  8. Welcome to the forum Chris!
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