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  1. True shine comes from proper paint correction, the rest is enhancement and protection. I know you said you're not interested, but you'll get the best, most consistent results using a machine. That said Adam's does offer some options to polish by hand, and including Scratch and Swirl Remover and Hand Polish. It depends on the overall condition of the paint as well as the results you're after for which you'll need, if not both. For the enhancement and protection, check out this article for what you may like.
  2. Happy to help. Yes, it is different, it's actually equivalent to a coating in terms of active resins. It's been out for quite a while, I'd say over a year. Just not advertised much, if at all. Even the website shows the wrong pictures, for some reason.
  3. Since you said the one now ok the website, I think we may be talking two different things here. There's a Ceramic Paste Wax that is a maintenance wax, is light green and has a pleasant smell, is pretty easy to work with, but has been discontinued. There's also the Ceramic Coating Wax, which is actually a true coating but in paste wax form, and it'll burn your nose hairs right off it's so strong, plus prep is needed to use it properly. The latter is linked here: https://adamspolishes.com/collections/ceramic-paste-wax/products/adam-s-ceramic-paste-wax Which one do you mean?
  4. Best to go by feel, not time. When a plush towel very lightly dragged across the surface feels slick, it's too soon. When it's tacky and grabs the towel, that's when it's time. It will probably be a fine line and change quickly, so check often. Remove in the same order as applied. To clarify, lower temp and humidity generally means you can leave it on longer.
  5. Agreed, it was likely left on too long, and can happen/be seen more often where the application lines overlap. Streaks can also be seen more easily on black. Try some Brilliant Glaze on those areas - yes, even now - and let us know. You may need to end up polishing those areas, but best to start less aggressive.
  6. Welcome, Joey! Let's see some pictures of your ride!!
  7. Use any of these to maintain https://adamspolishes.com/collections/ceramics-graphene-graphene-detail-spray™ Since it's a ceramic coating at its core, you can also use these, if you'd like https://adamspolishes.com/collections/sio2-infused
  8. Correct. The larger spray head also fits the normal 16oz bottles which are taller than the 12oz spray coating. And yes, use the wider pattern. Especially if you don't have any spares, be careful to clean the spray coating nozzle after use or it can/will clog since the coating will cure, making it difficult or impossible to use next time. I like to remove the nozzle completely from the bottle and pull the nozzle trigger several times till the tube is empty, reinstalling the original lid on the bottle between uses. It'll also help take care of your remaining coating, storing it in a temp controlled, dark room.
  9. The two sprayers with the red tabs are for the two thin bottles, Surface Prep and Ceramic Boost, while the other sprayer is for the spray coating. Don't clip any of the tubes, they're longer on purpose to reach every last drop.
  10. Welcome to the forums, Jeremy! Let's see some pictures of that new Tesla!
  11. That looks awesome, Ray! Now, what recommendation can I give to help with Mary's input?! 😉😁
  12. Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover are essentially the same product, the latter being a thinner version so it can spread and cover a larger area on painted panels. I would recommend you wipe any residue from the wheels with something like Waterless Wash to avoid potential stains. Splash back can easily be removed with any of the waterless or Rinseless Wash options.
  13. No, but you could consider coating them. By doing so, brake dust and other road grime will not stick nearly as much, making use of something like Waterless Wash, Rinseless Wash, or (Graphene) CS3 an option. Of course, the towels should become dedicated to dirty jobs like wheels, engine bays, etc., so mark them accordingly. TRC can be used for the tires without water, in case you wondered. Spray, agitate with the brush, wipe away, and dress them to your liking. To your point about staining, wheel cleaners can stain, yes. But by taking some basic precautions the risk can be minimized dramatically, if not basically eliminated.
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