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  1. I'd recommend All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel or Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, you'll probably get better results than what you have listed there.
  2. Ceramic coatings, and the newest Graphene Ceramic Coatings, are a different technology and product family than waxes and sealants. They're a step up, even way up, in protection, shine, hydrophobic properties, ease of maintenance, etc. With coatings, prep is everything - you're right that paint correction is the same, and decon is highly recommended, too. You'll want the paint as perfect as you can since you'll be locking it in for a year or much longer. Now to your questions... What would you do after the paint was corrected? Just use the ceramic and be done? (Still res
  3. @RayS You're gonna need a bigger boat
  4. Minimum 4 hours for the Spray version, 24 for traditional/small bottle. Then wait 5-7 days before washing. And definitely post some pics when you're done!
  5. Adam's blue foam pad and Compound should take that right off.
  6. Adam's partnered with Recochem last year, I'd say this is an offshoot of that new arrangement.
  7. Welcome, Zane! P.S. Moved this here to get you introduced to our forum members
  8. One layer is sufficient, use the UV light to ensure you get full, even coverage. With coatings, the law of diminishing returns applies, so adding 2+ layers doesn't equate to 2x+ protection. Do proper prep, maintain regularly, and you'll get the best, longest lasting results.
  9. Welcome to the forums! That's why we're all here, to learn together. What are you keeping shiny? Hint: we love pictures!
  10. To clarify, that's not exactly what I tried to say, at least. I think you'll get the overall best results - as I have always said, true shine comes from proper paint correction, the rest is enhancement and protection. But as both @Chris@Adams and I explained above, you don't have to. Instead, after a strip wash, paint decon (iron remover and clay), and Surface Prep, consider the Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating. While you'll sacrifice longevity of the traditional version, you'll still enjoy all of the other benefits. Then later down the line, when a polisher gets added to the mix, you can remove
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