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  1. It's 12° and been snowing since yesterday here. I should somehow tell Mary you're showing off 😡😆
  2. value price P.S. Face Value is a great album, with one of the best songs EVER.
  3. In addition to the locator Dave referred to above, Adam's is available at or through your local GM dealership so you can contact them, too.
  4. First, welcome, Alan! Both can be used. A good regimen is the Boost once a month or every 3-4 washes, and the Graphene Detail Spray weekly. With Graphene Ceramic Coating, any of the silica-infused products can be used as toppers or maintenance, as well as CS3, Ultra Foam and Wash & Wax. Note, I'm moving this to the Protection area so it'll get proper attention, and you can post an intro if you'd like...
  5. Adam's car shampoos (except for Strip Wash) are pH neutral, so no need to worry if it dries. But a couple of thoughts - wash the wheels and tires and exhaust tips first. Then, when you wash the car, rinse the shade side first, apply the soap to the sunny side first, and rinse in the same order. That way the soap provides a barrier as long as possible, reducing the chance of water spots. You can also use something like Detail Spray, CS3 or Graphene Detail Spray to help with water spots. Another great option is to use the deionzier for the final rinse. Washing in the morning and evening are best
  6. Welcome to the addiction! What are you keeping shiny? We like pics...
  7. Glad it worked! No need for reapply with the method you used, it simply took off the high spots. Using a machine would be the time to reapply.
  8. Polishing should be a last resort, doubt you'll need it this soon after coating but it's an option. Let us know!
  9. Do they look like oil slicks or smudges? If so, those are called high spots where the coating residue wasn't fully removed, and are pretty easily removed. If caught soon enough, you can first try to reapply some coating to the area to reactivate the coating, and immediately wipe away. Next step, try Brilliant Glaze and wipe away. If those doesn't work, take a plush microfiber towel like a borderless grey, laid flat/not folded, apply several drops of (white) Polish, and use your whole hand to evenly and lightly polish the areas where the high spots are seen. Lastly, you can machine polish with
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