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  1. As of this post, 30s and partly sunny. But as you know, it's Colorado, so just wait 15 minutes. Hope to see there, Steve!
  2. Friendly reminder! Note the dates for next month may slide right, more to follow.
  3. In keeping with terms of the User Agreement, this thread is locked to deter excessive discussion about competitor's products. Thank you for your understanding.
  4. Here's an awesome blog all about Graphene Ceramic Coating by @Dan@Adams And here's a video from our lead chemist on the science behind Graphene Ceramic Coating
  5. Ceramic coatings, and the new Graphene Ceramic Coating, are the highest level of protection Adam's offers. Check out this article, it should answer quite a few of your questions
  6. It is strongly recommended, basically critical, to apply the traditional/small bottle indoors. The risk of any moisture or humidity is too high and could spot your coating , necessitating removal and reapplication. Have you considered asking a neighbor to use their garage, maybe in exchange for a wash/detail?
  7. Welcome, Ryan! With Paint Sealant, HGG is a perfect maintenance product every 3-4 washes, and in my opinion using regular Car Shampoo or Mega Foam would work well for cleaning.
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