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  1. exhausted feeling P.S. I almost thought @RayS comment above ended this thread 😲🤣
  2. Some questions... Did you fully shake the bottle before and during use? What were the environmental conditions when you applied the coating? Was it warm or cold? Was the surface slick or tacky when you removed the residue? How long did you wait after you applied it before you removed it?
  3. Hi! We don't handle order issues on here. Instead we recommend you email orders@adamspolishes.com, call 866-965-0400, or use the chat function on the website. The customer service team should be able to take care of you.
  4. The more I read your question, I don't think you should layer it. Applying the traditional/small bottle form so long after the first probably won't bond well, and may be a waste of effort, frankly. Use something else to maintain what you already have like Graphene Detail Spray and Graphene Shampoo.
  5. There is a difference between softened and deionized water. Do not drink the latter, all minerals are removed so there's no nutritional value, and the taste will be off, too.
  6. I would say to ask the car wash personnel, they may be more amenable at certain times of the day when it's not as busy.
  7. open lunch P.S. ^^^ Welcome back, Jen! @8675309'SS
  8. Thanks for the idea, however, the Adam's Pro Pressure Washer is too large to fit this sort of setup, at least in that configuration.
  9. Best practice is to wash the wheels and tires first (and always when cool to the touch). This reduces the time water is on the paint and the chance for water spots, and also keeps overspray from the dirty wheels from getting on an already clean surface.
  10. Yes, but not necessary. When layering ceramic coatings, the law of diminishing returns applies. Applying 2+ layers does not result in 2x+ protection. Still, use a Fine Grade Clay bar if you still decide to layer.
  11. @Mantis Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating is a better coating all around than Ceramic Spray Coating. As explained in the video above and in my experience. Use it instead. But prep the surface completely before application.
  12. @Brewder Agreed with @The Guz, I've had great success on all trim I've used it on, and on multiple cars. But it needs to be leveled, just like paint. Try a carpet drill brush and TRC to get more power to remove it. It will take time.
  13. First, welcome! Be sure to post an intro so we can properly welcome you and post some pictures as well of the new ride! My recommendation would be to use the Graphene Ceramic Coating/Spray Coating, and get the kit. It would need to be completely cleaned, but assuming the trim is in good condition especially since it's new, would add some deep richness and last a long time. It's easy to apply, but one caveat... Be sure to level it out like you would on the paint (allow a couple of minutes or so), or you could get difficult to remove streaks.
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