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  1. I'll pass it along. No promises, but I know they will at least listen. Thanks for the feedback.
  2. I can vouch that the Adam's Foam Cannon works flawlessly with the Pressure Washer 2.0. That said, if there are adjustable settings on yours, you could try that, maybe the amount of soap and/or use warm water. If you aren't successful, feel free to pick up one from Adam's and enjoy. P.S. We don't necessarily get offended, but beyond light, respectful discussion and comparison, promotion of non-Adam's products is against the User Agreement so we enforce it accordingly.
  3. Yes, you can coat powder coated wheels. Just make sure they are fully clean and prepped beforehand. As for the discussion about our competitor's product, please note our user agreement does not allow extended discussions. We appreciate your membership and look forward to any questions you have.
  4. Strip Wash works great, suds well and is a great decon step. Other options are Bug Remover, or a fine grade clay. You may also consider Graphene Shampoo, it has degreasing properties and will rejuvenate your Graphene Ceramic Coating at the same time. https://adamspolishes.com/collections/car-washing-products-best-car-shampoo/products/graphene-shampoo™
  5. Read and follow the instructions carefully. Do not let it dwell for long or dry, and neutralize with Waterless Wash (not APC or other chemicals). Check with your local GM dealership, or this link to see if someone near you has the Waterless Wash. https://adamspolishes.com/apps/store-locator/ I agreed machine polishong is another good option, here's an article that could help.
  6. Yep! And nearly exactly what my response was going to be, but you posted while I was typing (lost connection in the meantime)😄
  7. First, welcome! We're glad you're here! What are you now keeping shiny? What we all use will probably not be the same as what's good for you. Honestly, the combos are endless. For reference, though, here's a post Adams did on IG. It's not all inclusive, but should give some good insight on shampoo options.
  8. Leather and Interior Cleaner, All Purpose Interior Cleaning Gel or Total Interior Cleaner would be great choices. For tools, use a Cockpit Brush to agitate, or a Drill Brush if serious scrubbing is needed, and Edgeless Utility Towel.
  9. To do an entire car the 12mm may not be your best option. You "can," but it will take a long time. Check out this video that while a little dated, the concepts are the same for the newer polishers.
  10. Welcome to the forums! I will echo staring least aggressive, but you may need to step up beyond either of those so keep that in mind. Here's a great video on polishing that should help guide you...
  11. Welcome! You're asking all the right questions and we're definitely excited to have you here! The only thing I would say is to start breaking them down into the other applicable forum areas to make sure they get the most exposure. The welcome messages aren't usually the best place to continue extended discussions...
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