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  1. Maybe ill just buy both then. Dont really need both but whatever I guess. Haven't bought anything in awhile from Adams. Got too expensive so needed to lay back for awhile. Mystery boxes were an addiction too haha.
  2. Oh god hell if I know, I have had those for so long haha. Those are the original weave drying towels. The ultra plush is great but it is starting to get torn up over years of strings getting caught in mirrors and edges of plastic pieces on my truck. Usual wear and tear. I am placing an order tonight just dont know which way to go, hybrid or ultra plus. Hmmmmmmm.
  3. Hi guys, I have been using the ultra plush for awhile now and need to order another, but saw this hybrid drying towel. Only difference I see is over a thousand GSM vs the ultra plus which ius in the 500's. Which one is the better way to go for drying? Dont really know the difference or how to compare. I also have the waffle weave original drying towels from adams, tried using those today. Literally didnt pick up ANY water at all, just moved it around haha, guess I have a new rag for when I do my next oil change!
  4. I just got some Patriot Wax and Americana Wax. I have never used paste wax. I usually layer paint sealant, then buttery wax, then h2o guard and gloss when I wash. How would I use it? Would it even work well for my daily driver?
  5. No clue. I believe they are aluminum. I have a 2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71, and a 2013 Victory Judge motorcycle. I have been using the regular wheel cleaner and tire and rubber cleaner for awhile now. I just ordered a 16oz. bottle of the new stuff just to see the different before I go and buy a whole gallon.
  6. Still dont know which way to go haha. Do I keep buying wheel cleaner and tire cleaner separate or buy the new stuff?
  7. The wheel cleaner is very powerful that is why if this new product isn't as strong I will stick with the old stuff. I care more about the strength and performance than I care about the number of products it takes.
  8. So with that chart then is the new Wheel and Tire Cleaner more powerful than buying the 2 products seperately?
  9. Hi guys, So just curious how is the strength of the new wheel/tire cleaner as one product versus the wheel cleaner and tire cleaner as 2 separate products? Also curious about what the real difference is between the all purpose cleaner and the eco all purpose cleaner. Thanks, Matt
  10. Looking for Adams Polishes light up sign or a regular sign. Anyone got one? I’ve got more than a grand worth of unused products to trade!
  11. Hi guys, Just curious as to how well the metal polish works on heavily oxidized rims. Haven't really done anything to the inside of my rims since I bought my truck (2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500). Thinking they need to be removed and cleaned up a bit. Matt
  12. What is going on with the garage forum? I have a ton of stuff I am trying to sell that came in mystery boxes, etc. Craigslist just isn't cutting it haha.
  13. I use lint sheets to get the lint out haha, I feel like it would only help. Could be wrong I guess. Next time I wash My bike think I’m going to strip wash it then start all over.
  14. Washing machine with laundry detergent, NO softener, and dry on low to almost no heat in the dryer with a lint sheet to remove the lint. And that is all after letting everything sit in a bucket in the strong Adam’s microfiber revitalizer.
  15. Hey guys, So the past few months I’ve noticed that whenever I spray detail spray on my bike or truck and I use a microfiber to rub it off, lint sticks to either like glue. The only way to then get it off is use waterless wash or rewash. I have washed them numerous times, and I have also tried using brand new ones out of a bag, and same thing. Wtf is going on!?
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