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  1. I'd like to hear some results of the Graphine Spray Coating based on looks alone. Seems like durability and the like dominate the discussion on these coatings. I wanna know about looks and nothing else; shine, depth, all that good stuff compared to the previous generation spray coatings.
  2. I call it a “wheel” brush because I don’t think there’s no way I’m using this thing on my wheels? Just got one, but there’s no way it’s soft enough to not mar my gloss black powder coated wheels. Not even gonna take the chance. You guys using this brush on anything similar (dark/gloss) with safe results?
  3. I started my own thread on this very topic a few months back. The new compound/polish is not a replacement for the orange stuff nor the old finishing polish. Both need to be brought back.
  4. @RayS I got to thinking about your question and looking at that pic. The tires do not stick out near as far as that pic would mislead you to believe. The tread is just about flush with the fender. Only the sidewall pokes out slightly.
  5. Not at all. Didn’t change a thing as far as slinging road grime or rocks and such.
  6. A bit of finishing polish, one coat of ceramic, and one coat of ceramic spray.
  7. Interesting. I’d like to know more also, and if that applies to all the coatings. I’ve used them way past that and didn’t notice anything.
  8. Rich...with which one; the CS3 or the Graphine DS? Or both?
  9. Been using CS3 for a while now anyways, and just got my first bottle of the graphine detail spray to test out!!
  10. Yeah, I’ve been around quite a while, and been a loyal Adam’s guy long before any of the ceramics and the Boost were introduced. It has been a love/hate product ever since the beginning. Ironically, I had better luck with the original formula than I do the 2.0. Guess I just learned what worked for me. Different strokes. Overall, it’s just not an enjoyable product. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t arbitrarily feel every single product should be totally effort free, but Boost is whack. The results are never repeatable for me and I’m just done with it. I would have thought with the love/hate you see on the forums over Boost, more effort would be put into a better product, but maybe not. But knowing these guys, I’d bet some maintenance product for the graphine, other than graphine detail spray, is on the way. Which may make this whole debate moot anyways. If I were a betting man.....
  11. Brilliant glaze is a great little tool. I just went through this very same ordeal after a less than good experience with Boost (and my final experience with Boost; it is removed from my arsenal). Except I had full intentions of reapplying another top layer of ceramic spray. If you can get your hands on a bottle of the old Finishing Polish, it is the cats meow. I did a light once over with that, surface prep, and spray coat. My finish is right back to perfection. I also highly doubt the light use of the Finishing polish did much damage if any to the underlying ceramics.
  12. I wasn’t gonna ask about the wheels, I was gonna ask how you can do half of a vehicle and live with yourself?? LOL;) on a serious note, I’d never be able to do that. It literally drive me completely insane (reason is irrelevant).
  13. Just the word glaze in the title tells me No! You should not apply any coating (or IMO, was also) to ANYTHING. Like Chris said, use Surface Prep as your very last step just prior to applying any wax, coating, etc.
  14. You don’t. It’s trash after use. The coating is going to harden and crystallize.
  15. My $0.02 1) Brilliant Glaze is still a neat, handy tool to keep around. It will level any high spots or bad spots that you may not like, or if you have any goof-ups from installing the coating. Plus you may have heard it's amazing on inside glass. Just an all around handy tool to keep in the inventory. 2) I would. CS3 is amazing and easy to use. I've never liked HGG anyways, but I personally see zero need, and would never use it on a coated car. But that's just me. 3) Can you? Yes. Necessary? Probably not, but I always prefer the appearance of the sprays over the traditional coating, thus I always to a top layer. How are you getting streaking from distilled water?
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