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  1. Welp…TAR remover accomplished two things on my blotchy tires…1) Jack 2) ****. In fact, it made it worse. It altered the characteristics on which the tire accepts the Tire Shine in that spot. Ugh.
  2. You certainly can't be an Adam's fan if you have an issue with chasing the latest and greatest! It'll drive you bonkers. Probably the closest thing I can think of for a complaint about this dang place, LOL. 1st world problems, right?!?!?!
  3. @Mantis So when you say TAR, are you talking about the actual TAR remover, or Tire And Rubber cleaner? Since you said TAR remover, I'm guessing just that? I'll have to give that a try then. One would think, no matter what is causing the blotchiness, after 14K miles it would be worn off by now, but maybe not. I'll certainly give it a shot. Oh, and one thing I forgot to add in my previous post...the most annoying part of my situation...my rear tires are perfect. Have been perfect since day one! Exact same tire, just a different size...zero blotchiness.
  4. Ugh... I just found this thread, and yeah, it's a continental thing. And I hate it. These have been fantastic tires. Mine have ~14,000 miles on them and nothing has gotten rid of the same spots. I'll probably sway away from Continental next set of tires because of it, unfortunately.
  5. I'll get in line for them as well! Along with (and especially) the old white Finishing Polish. Adam's screwed up drifting away from these two products and need to sway back. The new stuff does not perform to where these two products do. I've tried. Given it a fair shake. Once my supply of orange and white run out, I'll be heading back to "that other brand" for my polishing needs.
  6. Old school Finishing Polish and Graphine Coating....
  7. If I've said it once, I've said it a thousand times...Please please please...bring back the Finishing Polish (white) and the Correction Polish (orange). The new products DO NOT replace these. They are not better. Weekend at the spa for this girl and I'm getting low on my old Finishing Polish.
  8. I'd like to hear some results of the Graphine Spray Coating based on looks alone. Seems like durability and the like dominate the discussion on these coatings. I wanna know about looks and nothing else; shine, depth, all that good stuff compared to the previous generation spray coatings.
  9. I call it a “wheel” brush because I don’t think there’s no way I’m using this thing on my wheels? Just got one, but there’s no way it’s soft enough to not mar my gloss black powder coated wheels. Not even gonna take the chance. You guys using this brush on anything similar (dark/gloss) with safe results?
  10. I started my own thread on this very topic a few months back. The new compound/polish is not a replacement for the orange stuff nor the old finishing polish. Both need to be brought back.
  11. @RayS I got to thinking about your question and looking at that pic. The tires do not stick out near as far as that pic would mislead you to believe. The tread is just about flush with the fender. Only the sidewall pokes out slightly.
  12. Not at all. Didn’t change a thing as far as slinging road grime or rocks and such.
  13. A bit of finishing polish, one coat of ceramic, and one coat of ceramic spray.
  14. Interesting. I’d like to know more also, and if that applies to all the coatings. I’ve used them way past that and didn’t notice anything.
  15. Rich...with which one; the CS3 or the Graphine DS? Or both?
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